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Lessons From Claire…

Did you shed tears at the demise of Frank Underwood or revel that Claire rules the world? A bleary-eyed weekend filled with a House of Cards marathon and a Bama win over LSU, makes for some insights.

As for Bama: All that hand-wringing over LSU proved unwarranted. On the one hand, Phew! On the other–anyone note the difference between number one and number three? Yikes. Roll Tide.

As for Claire–the woman we wish to be. We watched her smooth, and ever classy takeover of the world via Netflix. And were awed. Lessons emerged. Use them as you will. As for this girl, I’m adding them to my quiver, ready to reach over head and fire at my discretion. Or whim. Whatever. Yeah, not giving a damn is in the collection.

Lesson One: Be An Enigma. Easier said than done, especially if you’re of the lady brand. The female set must acquire this skill as our bonding is based on sharing. Becoming an enigma is based on holding one’s cards closer to the vest. Basically, shut up and keep your dastardly thoughts to yourself. Let them shine all on their own. Like the HOC men declare, “Is she a real person or just playing one?”

Lesson Two: Make Your Motives Unclear. The next step in enigma-dom: Don’t tell, or show, too much. No squeeing when you close that deal or write a bestseller. The ability to take it all in stride confuses the enemy and leaves them pondering what you’re up to.

Lesson Three: Embrace The Power. How many of us, when facing success, back off just a bit instead of fully embracing accomplishment? Stop that nonsense now. Claire is proud of herself. She is sure, confident and stone faced–even when she’s not. Need an example:

“Excuse me for just one moment, Doug.”
Claire steps from the room, barfs twice in a garbage can, and returns cool as a cucumber, to continue the discussion. No, “Wow I just barfed in a garbage can.” Enigma. Unclear. Steely.

Lesson Three: Dress The Part. Can we talk suits? The trend elevates a dimension paired with classic stilettos, crafted in navy, cinched at the waist whether belted or tailored, and penciling to just below the knee. Did you die? It was, indeed, hard to breathe. Add to your power wardrobe sheath dresses–thank you Sweet Baby Jesus–and slightly-flared, tailored trousers and said stilettos and you have the stuff of young girls’ dreams.

Lesson Four: Be Terrifying. Need proof? Robin Wright, Diane Lane and Patricia Clarkson all in a room discussing feminist prose. Women over 50 and brilliant? Run for your life.

Lesson Five: Widows Rule the Damn World. Is there anything more powerful than a woman who’s lost it all and has nothing left to fear? What is that old saying? “What’s a queen without her king? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.” No one knows who said it, but that girl was definitely a widow. Once you’ve had those nightmares, the world’s pretty tame.

Final lesson comes from Claire herself: “Playing incompetent is so exhausting.”

That is all.


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