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Get Some Muscle…

Upon its’ release, Car and Driver called the 2018 Dodge Charger, “The last American four-door muscle car standing.” This year, you can get it for a song before the 2019’s take over. Big Al Heggs, our favorite car guy, has a bunch on the lot. And they’re cute. In that muscle car kind of way. And they come in a rainbow of colors.

The Charger is a throwback to be sure. The first generation was introduced in 1966. That car featured a two-door fast back and four bucket seat interior. It was not a hit. So, as the years went, they beefed it up a bit. Today, it’s a rear-wheel drive muscle car experience. It looks menacing and confident. Oh–and it has a pretty big trunk and roomy interior. Just in case you want your friends to share your muscle experience.

At around 30,000, its’ good looks won’t put you in the poorhouse. And there are enough upgrades to make it feel even more expensive, including a standard backup camera and rear parking assist. It also features a 300 hp 3.6-liter V-6, 19-inch aluminum wheels, gloss black exterior trim and Uconnect 8.4 infotainment system. Goodies just get better on plus models.
There’s the Blacktop Package that adds spoiler, badging, grille and 20-inch wheels in black. Hemi is the name of the game: Hemi power. Hemi torque. And the rumble–that means it sounds like a bad boy.

Visiting Big Al could make a difference with a $249 lease or 0% for 36 months and $1250 cash allowance. And remember, there are those free oil changes for life. No lie. They’re free. And they give you donuts.

Take a look at the online inventory here. When you give them a call, let them know The Duchess sent you and experience the magic.

Vroom Vroom.


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