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Bellas For The Win…

PR and Event girls are usually on the ready for just about anything. Last minute decorating snafus, guest no shows, clothing mishaps–we aren’t fazed by much. It’s kind of, “Shit happens, step over it.” Generally we have a bag full of solutions. And safety pins. And mini sewing kits; not that I know how to use that thing. Pfft. But when a call comes from E!, you tend to raise an eyebrow.

Handling an event for a client. Client is the recipient of a charitable baby shower. Cool, right? Event is Saturday. On Thursday, get a call from a guy at Bunim-Murray, production for E!. You know, like you do. They’re coming to film the event. They need releases, info and general stuff. There’s already a film crew scheduled. Why are these guys joining the fray?

Blogger Lauren Garcia, of What Lola Likes fame, is hosting the event. The Duchess demographic is a little different from Lola and her adoring fans, so don’t fret if you don’t recognize the name. Our mommy blog days are behind us, but still check her out. Duchess Dolls always support the local girls, right? Besides, she’s cute as a button.

So E! guys don’t say what they’re up to–just that they’ll be there. Fun. So what’s the deal? Lauren, cute as a button shower organizer, is the sister-in-law of the Bella Twins. They have a little show called Total Bellas. Plug the locals. They’re from Scottsdale. They went to Chaparral, which makes them the enemy of my Desert Mountain chickens but we’ll still claim them as Scottsdale’s own. Now, the circle is complete. Production call is because The Bellas will be at the event. No one says that but corralling an E! camera crew and production unit is usually a pretty big wrangle.

After the event, questions roll in. Yes, they’re gorgeous. Really gorgeous. They seem normal. As normal as a pair of twins who wrestle and do reality tv for a living can be. Yes, they drink from golden pineapple cups. Yes, cameras follow them everywhere. Yes, they’re friendly. No, they don’t look like wrestlers. They look like models. With more normal bodies. Sort of. Not normal like you and me, but still, pretty normal in that gorgeous hair, perfect makeup, nails to die way. Basically, take your own family of stunning people, mix them with celebrity friends and connections, throw them on a reality show and watch the over-the-top ensue. Fun times.

For us ladies of a certain age, it’s akin to partying with The Real Housewives. But for the younger set. And, given the shenanigans of some of the housewives, these girls are actually better behaved. Talking to you Vicky, LuAnn and Dorit. Pfft.

Funny how over-the-top can sometimes translate into helping others, making space at the table for everyone and, just maybe, making life a little easier for those less fortunate than we. Bellas for the win.


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