What’s The Difference?…

Big Al Heggs already has a gaggle of screaming fans due to his community involvement and support of all causes. Well, Dolls, he’s done it again.

This time he helped Maggie’s Place get four new vans to help their moms and babies. What? You don’t know Maggie’s Place?

Maggie’s Place is another of our fave nonprofits. They provide housing, resources and services to homeless, pregnant moms. Think about that for a moment. Phoenix heat and you’re on the street and you’re pregnant. Some things just should never, ever happen. Maggie’s Place has houses all over the Valley and one in Ohio. Pregnant moms with nowhere to live move in with MissionCorps, women who agree to do a year of service in the homes. Once there, moms take classes, receive counseling, receive prenatal care and love. Oh, and they have their babies. And they can stay for a year. Pretty cool, huh?

So, we call Big Al and tell him Maggie’s Place got a grant and they need four vans. Can he help with his famous bargains? A few weeks later, this girl is at Maggie’s Place when, one by one, four brand new vans enter the lot. Hearts swell. New, safe vans will transport moms to the hospital to have their little ones, get them back and forth to doctor’s appointments and job interviews as well as serve the house needs.

After delivery, I call our fave car dealer and we exchange squees about new opportunities and changed lives.

So what’s the point? Why do we care that a car dealer, and all his money, help in the community? It says something about local businesses everywhere. Wouldn’t you want to buy a car from a guy that gives back and cares about those that live around him? Besides, he’s the sweetest guy ever and has the biggest smile in the world. No wonder he’s happy.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” –Kathy Calvin

Thanks, Big Al, for making a difference in the lives of moms and babies in our community.

If you travel over to Heggs Auto and tell him The Duchess sent you, watch that price come down. You can take a look at online inventory here or give them a call 480-565-5627. They’re a bunch of Duchess Dolls.


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