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It’s Not The Heat…Yeah, It Is

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Here on the surface of the sun–it is, in fact, the heat that can damage our cars, heap on repair costs and leave us stranded with less than bouncy hair and grumpy faces. Our fave car guy, Big Al Heggs, at Heggs Auto has some tips.

Let’s start with the things that actually carry us from one place to another. Hot temps can damage the rubber of your tires especially if they’re not properly inflated. Too much air and the center of the tire wears faster than the edges. Underinflated–just the opposite. Basically, heat eats your tires. Worst case is a blowout. As long as you have the tire pressure checked you’ll be good.

We’ve all fallen prey to this one. You go into the mall and all is well. If you enjoy that sort of thing. When you come out, not only are your leather seats burning you alive but the car is dead. Two lessons–buy cloth seats and park inside. Or don’t go to the mall. Batteries die in the summer here because the water inside evaporates faster. When the battery cools a little there’s no more amperage (that’s power) left to start the car. Even a small tree might help.

Changing the oil regularly is a bigger deal in the summer months. Oil lubricates the engine. Hot weather equals hot engine equals less lube. Change the oil even more frequently if you travel by car a lot. Of course, San Diego is always a solution.

Coolant can leak in the summer through hoses or a damaged radiator. Leaking coolant can damage the engine. You’ll know because the temperature will go up so pay attention to that temperature gauge–that’s what it’s there for.

Fuel Economy
Yes, gas evaporates faster in the summer because the vehicle is hot. If you have a garage, use it. If not, seek out shade. Not only will it make your car more comfortable for you, it will improve fuel economy. Who’s not for that?

Car Color
One question Big Al says he always gets is, “Should I buy a lighter color car? Should my car be white?” This girl will drive no car that isn’t black so there’s that. According to those in the know? A darker colored car will heat up faster, but shortly both cars will be the same temp–hot. A car with leather seats will burn your legs. Been there. Done that. Buy cloth seats. Problem solved. Cracking a window will not keep temps from going up but it will provide ventilation. There are also those that say cracking a window will keep the windshield from cracking. No one seems to have any hard evidence on this one.

How about this fact? Brake fluid boils. It can actually stop your car from stopping. Next time you get an oil change and the guy suggests changing the brake fluid? Do that.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, you can visit Big Al, tell him you’re a Duchess Doll and all will be well. Or you can go to your guy–whoever he is and hope he does as good a job. Either way, especially during the summer months, when you get your oil changed, make sure the list of things inspected includes all the important parts. We don’t want our girls standing on the corner. This isn’t Winslow after all.

Service at Heggs Auto in one easy-peasey call: 480-630-3212.


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