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In The Market To Sell?…

You may be thinking your house won’t sell now that temps have reached triple digits. You might just be wrong, my dolls. Turns out, here on the surface of the sun, we are in peak sales season right now. For the Valley, March through June are top months to sell your home. July through December aren’t that far behind if you follow recent trends. Why?

Of course, there’s the weather. Homes don’t have to sell before the snow, ice and slush hit and buyers retreat to cozy fireplaces to pray for spring. Although sales come in a bit slower after July, they don’t take an actual dip until January and February. Unlike other places, we don’t see the winter dive in buying or selling.

Spring is the best time to sell a home nationally. The Valley can stretch it’s season for a number of reasons that hundred degree weather doesn’t affect. Families want to relocate before school starts. Here, unlike the Midwest and the East, school starts in early August, making that summer search a month shorter. More people selling makes for better comps enticing buyers to pull the trigger faster. And summer is when people have vacation time to move all their junk from one home to another.

Our fave realtor, Deana of Magic Zip Code fame, warns that because there’s a lot on the market, buyers can afford to be picky so you still have to clean the trikes out of the front yard, repaint any crazy colors and clean the kitchen.

“The key is always to make your house as presentable as possible, price it right and be open to negotiate on closing dates, move in dates and terms. That means, even as a seller, to have finances in order.” The assumption, of course, is that you are selling in order to go somewhere yourself–so best be ready.

If your home, or financing, isn’t quite ready, Deana’s got a team for that. Her group of pros can get your house ready, help with financing and even get you moved-in. She’s got a guy, or girl, for everything. House sitter–check. Painter, remodeler, handyman–check. Hand holder–check.

Good news for sellers? The higher the number of potential buyers, the more it’s possible to have multiple offers, full price offers, and, if you’re lucky, a bidding war.

Another buying group distinctive to the Valley–winter residents. These folks are looking to secure a second home in enough time to use it this winter.

The best news for both buyers and sellers is that well-priced homes are sold all year long in Arizona. That January February dip is just that–a slight downturn.

Ready to sell or buy? Contact our Deana to see what she’s got in inventory and how she can help you sell yours. Your home is someone’s dream home; that’s part of the magic. Give her a call 602-295-3151.


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