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Better With Age…

Word on the street is that the Chrysler 300 is aging well. Some, like Auto Week, say it’s improving with age. Now that the 2018’s have been off the lot and on the street for a bit, reviews are in and the cons are hard to find.

The big positive? Auto Week called it, “Quiet and comfortable at half the price of an S-Class” Sorry S-Class.

I stopped by last week to visit our favorite dealer, Big Al Heggs, and have my brakes fixed. He tells me the 300 wouldn’t be a bad choice. I remind him of my devotion to the 200 and its adorable analog clock. He laughs and says he’s sorry to tell me the 200’s done. Made no more.

My heavy heart and I drive the 300. It’s still more macho than this girl likes, but most of the time I’m alone in my car. Perhaps my mind would change if I had passengers. It’s roomy, comfy and has that interesting front end. I also like the sound of the doors closing, more hush than slam.

The backseat would fit a parcel of kids. The trunk is huge and the windshield feels massive. It curves just a little making the view feel panoramic. Tim, my guide, tells me to gun it when we’re on the freeway and it takes off, quick and agile. On our jaunt, we find we both migrated from Chicago, agree on the Cubs and debate the best pizza in the Valley. He, from the far east side, has choices I’ve never heard of. Myself–as long as it’s slathered in cheese–I’m game.

I ask if it’s not too manly a car. Doesn’t really feel like a girl car. He says I know too much about baseball and football to qualify for only a girly car. Evidently he’s not noticed the dress and heels. We agree to disagree and I go home with my smaller version and the old timey clock that makes me smile.

So what’s the fuss about the new one?

The basic surprise is the car is 12 years old, six in it’s latest generation. Noise has been cut and all the bells and whistles for today are in place. It features heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, remote start, front and rear park assist, blind spot detection. You can get a stronger engine but the V6 feels like more than enough.

There’s a sport mode for faster response, black out accents and leather sport seats in the S model. The one I drove also had open-grain wood and Beats Audio. Thank you Dre and Jimmie Iovine.

Interested? Ten more were on the way in addition to those on the lot. Tim said they’d be waiting if I change my mind. I may not but you can. Explore what’s in stock at Big Al’s here.Or give them a call 480-830-8001. There’s still the Duchess thing going on. They’ll make it worth your while.


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