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Think You Know Real Estate?…

We ask Deana, our realtor girl, for some general advice this month. There is some thought that the beginning of the year is prime time to sell a house. Perhaps, she says. Really anytime is a good time–it’s all about who’s looking. Are there other misconceptions?

Keeping your house up, maintaining it, is a given. You should do it because you don’t want to be the house that brings values down. It is a myth that maintenance costs are recouped at the time of a sale. The value of your home is the value of your home and it’s in that vicinity that the sale price will fall. Most of the time.

Swimming pools and hots tubs are a wash. It depends on where you live in the country and the feelings of your potential buyer. Some people don’t want the bother of a pool regardless of weather, yard space or looks. They simply do not want a pool. Don’t count on a pool or a hot tub as an automatic upgrade. Even here on the surface of the sun.

Some believe that waiting will net a higher price. Not so. If you get an offer that is fair, take it. You don’t want yours to be the house that sits and sits and sits.

Same goes for “padding” the price. Do not add to the price of your home so that you have negotiating room. It really doesn’t work that way. Price your home to sell. A realtor won’t steer you it the wrong direction. A house priced right benefits everyone–seller, buyer, agent.

Great landscaping will enhance the impression of your home. It will make your home stand out from the rest as far as appeal. It won’t necessarily net more money. Maintain your lawn because it looks good, helps to move the sale along not because landscaping itself brings more money.

Not all buyers want to negotiate or bargain. Some buyers just want to find a home they love and move in. Don’t expect all buyers to negotiate.

A converted garage or guest house will only add more value if it enhances the home. It nets nothing just by its existence. Make sure any additions and conversions make sense with style, property and overall home value.

Of course, the best way to find the right price for your home is to talk to our Deana, a master at pricing and getting your home ready to sell. For those in the buying market, she’s got a townhome on the market in Scottsdale you might fancy. Take a look here.


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