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It’s Book Club Time…

Did you enjoy the first Duchess Diaries Book Club selection? I heard yes! If you missed it, you can still order The Digger’s Daughter by Posey Moore Nash here: https://www.amazon.com/Diggers-Daughter-Posey-Moore-Nash/dp/0999590103. Catch up, would ya?

Now for the selection for the month of love. It’s a fabulous guide about loving yourself enough to make your life even better and more. More happiness. More accomplishments. More inner joy. More whatever you’re looking for. With instructions.

It’s called Tiny Life Changes and it’s written by a pair of sisters you surely recognize: Lauren Daniels, founder of Happily Ever After League and her sister Lisa King of The Fulfilled Pharmacist fame. Yeah–they didn’t have enough on their plates with Lauren running a nonprofit and working as a life coach, and Lisa’s career as a pharmacist and a how-to-live-well-with-food side gig. So they wrote a book. You know, in their spare time.

Here’s the background:
“The idea for Tiny Life Changes came through sister co-authors Lauren Daniels’ and Lisa King’s 45 years experience in health and healing. Lauren is a life coach and founder of The Happily Ever League. During her own cancer journey she learned to take things not only one day at a time but one hour at a time. Staying positive and moving forward helped Lauren keep her mental game strong during her cancer recovery.

Lisa delved into self development after the financial downturn of 2008 hit her family hard. Turning her thoughts around and staying positive was what Lisa relied on to get her through her own difficult time in life. Accomplishing goals and dreams despite your circumstances was the basis for Tiny Life Changes. Lisa and Lauren both knew they had a book in them. Together they joined forces and Tiny Life Changes was born. Change can sometimes seem daunting. Tiny Life Changes shares tips and tools on how to make changes in your own life more manageable through tiny shifts in your thinking and behavior.”

The book may be little and easy-to-read but it packs a powerful punch. Lauren and Lisa say the most exciting thing is readers telling them the tips and tools work.

I ask the girls for a piece of advice. “The biggest takeaways from TLC are to keep only the thoughts that make you stronger. Negative thoughts are weakest when they first occur. Turn those thoughts around from negative to positive. Positive thoughts lead to positive changes in life! Take one step and one day at a time. Always give yourself permission for a redo and take the next best step towards living the life you desire.”

Interesting right? Amazon delivers overnight. It’s what all The Duchess Dolls will be doing this weekend. Order your copy of Tiny Life Changes here: https://www.amazon.com/TINY-LIFE-CHANGES-ACHIEVING-DREAMS-ebook/dp/B076HHPWLF.

Happy Reading!


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