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It’s Facelift Time…

Six years ago, Jeep reworked the Cherokee. Was it a hit? Depends who you ask. Some loved it. Some; not so much. As we barely squeak into 2018, Jeep showed the new 2019 face of the Cherokee, eliminating what many called the “angry car” look. It’s when the headlights and grille are placed in such a way that the car’s front end looks angry. Lots of cars were tagged, Cherokee headed the list. A facelift was in order.

We talked with our fave car guy, Alvin, Big Al, Heggs of Heggs Auto Group and he says the new model has indeed rid itself of the stacked headlight look and does appear a bit more “friendly.” The exterior makeover is creating buzz all around Detroit—you know—home of the car show.

The new reveal features a more traditional front-end look without the tiny daytime running lights. The grille, which is popular, has not changed. On the back end, new taillights give Cherokee a rougher look, more manly. Jeep also pledges a more fuel-efficient engine for next year’s model. Another small, but welcome, change is the hands free lift gate.

Mark Allen, Head honcho of design, told Motor Authority his team, “didn’t want to take all the weirdness out of Cherokee,” adding that the new look, “just fits better.”

Changes inside are less drastic. Plastic is gone around the infotainment system replaced with black trim and chrome accents around the AC and other areas. The center console also accommodates more—like your smartphone and all its gear.

But that’s next year. What does it mean for Cherokee fans today? It means you can get a screaming deal. It means that those who like the present look—which there are a bazillion Jeep fans out there, can get pretty much whatever they want on a current model.

Now that Big Al has one of the only all Jeep dealerships, you can be assured there are plenty to choose from. Haven’t visited the new showroom? It’s just over the freeway from the old one. And it’s Jeep lovers heaven. Jeeps of all color, size and model as far as the eye can see.

Check out inventory here or give them a call, 844-533-7494. Tell Big Al the Duchess sent you and see what happens.


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