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Going Out On A Limb…

What is it exactly that makes us take a chance? Is there a definitive answer? It may be a bit like pornography–we don’t really know until we see it. Case in point–all the badass dolls starting new businesses, traipsing new trails and making waves when water hits them in the face.

Our favorite Deana, of Magic Zip Code, stepped out on a ledge. Our girl is not one to speak publicly, make a big fuss or participate in any manner of drawing attention to herself. She’s just not that kind of girl. She’ll give you the shirt off her back but stand up on stage and talk–she’d rather be eaten by sharks.

Girlfriend hoists up her big girl pants and posts a Facebook video for her business; sharing her goals and asking for help. Whaaa? Out of character–you can’t imagine. And she vows to do it again. And again. Until it works. The girl jumped off a cliff when she left her regular job to sell real estate full time ‘cuz it’s her passion. We cheered her on and now we may just be watching her fly right by us. Can you say step out of your comfort zone?

While my admiration is huge, my desire to make this girl’s 2018 goals happen has jiggled in my head since I peered said video. Watch it and see if you don’t get the same “feels.” Here’s the link:

The question is this: What would it take for you Duchess Doll? What would it take to make you do something completely out of your comfort zone either to make your business grow, expand your reach or just take a chance for fun?

Hesitant? What’s the worst that could happen? And if that did happen would that be so bad? But think, really ponder, what’s the best that could happen? Focus on that instead.

Challenge for the Dolls. Help Deana hit her goals for 2018. Got a home for sale? Buying a new condo? Refinance? Remodel? Remember, she’s the one with a guy, or girl, for everything from remodel to house sitting and staging.

After that, look around to see who else you can help.

Cost: Nothing. Payoff: Priceless.

Oh! And that helping Deana sell some houses thing? You can call her here 602-295-3151.


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