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It’s A Compass Kind of Summer…

It’s a Compass kind of summer. Jeep, that is. You can’t possible think we’re in the woods searching for moss on trees. Pfft.

The very day that Big Al, our favorite car dealer says, “Hey take a look at the 2017 Jeep Compass,” I see four of them cruising about The Dale. Is something new?

Evidently so. The knock on the Compass was its ride and relative uncomfortableness as a low priced compact SUV. No more. This sweet little ride, starting in the low 20’s features redesigned just about everything. The thing that strikes this girl—an available black roof—just about the prettiest addition on the Jeep scene. There’s also chrome molding wrapping around the length making it a bit more sophisticated than the earlier rendition. Just sayin’.

According to Edmunds, “The redesigned 2017 Jeep Compass is much improved over its predecessor. It’s a good choice if you want a comfortable and affordable crossover SUV that can still handle a dirt road.” And they’re kinda picky.

Just a note: The Compass is considered “new” because this latest edition was just released. Weird, but true. The first part of 2017 featured the old model. Superstition Springs is happy to have a lot full of the new models.

“The new Jeep Compass, however, is a much more competitive small crossover. Jeep made the new Compass more comfortable and enjoyable to drive on the street, where it knows that owners will spend most of their time,” Edmunds adds.

Who the heck is this Edmunds, one of The Dolls asks. They are a group of car guys and gals that test, retest, report and write about all models—the good, the bad and the ugly. They’ve been round the block when it comes to car buying.

So, the Compass. What’s changed? It’s a bit fancier, more comfortable and sports a little more character. Start with the Uconnect infotainment center. It’s the thing with the touchscreen, radio, a media hub for Ipod, USB port and auxiliary jack. There’s also voice command, Bluetooth, streaming audio, voice text reply and SiriusXM for a year. And it’s easy to use. Bonus.

Seven airbags standard, 20 cubic feet of cargo space, more room if you fold down the 60/40 seats and actual legroom in the back. And there’s the power to take you through a muddy campsite, tow up to 1000 pounds or slush through the snow. Why you’d do any of that is beyond this girl, but you could.

Bottom line, you can do that outdoorsy stuff if you want but, finally, you can look good doing it in a smaller SUV. It’s cute, but a little tough.

And Big Al has a bunch for The Duchess Dolls. Give him a call at 480-830-8001 or look at online inventory here. Tell them The Duchess sent you. One of the dolls just got a Jeep from the big guy and is raving about the experience. No lie. Message me and I’ll give you her info!

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