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Magic Zip Code…

Real estate is one tough biz. How do some agents capture a zillion listings, buy and sell daily and roll about in piles of cash ala Million Dollar Listing? Is there some sort of wizardry? Or is it all, like they say, location, location, location? If so, there must be some Magic Zip Code, right?

Wrong. The Magic Zip Code is different for every person and one local realtor gets that. No wizardry. No sleight of hand. No spells. Just recognition that the Magic Zip Code is, in fact, what you, the client, wants. Whaaa?

Your Magic Zip Code may be a penthouse downtown or a sprawling horse property to the north. Perhaps it’s a ranch, a rambler, a French Provincial, a Mediterranean, a Santa Barbara, a Craftsman or a plain old-fashioned stunner with a white picket fence. Up to you.

Deana Aller, Ms. Magic Zip Code, gets it. She doesn’t “specialize.” Her homes aren’t only above a specific price range or in a certain area. Her “listings” are “people.”

Your house needs painting before it’s open house ready? She’s got a guy. Some repairs are in order? She’s got a guy. Updating? Staging? Handholding? Advice? Mortgage access? She’s got a guy. And a girl. And another girl. No kidding. She carries them about in her quiver ready to sell your home or find you a new one.

Additional talents? She’s a residential property manager and creates packages for downsizing. She handles the whole enchilada–list your “too big” house, link you to a financial gal who can handle the mind boggling money side, find your new smaller abode, get it fixed just right, facilitate your move out and move in all while holding your hand through the process. She’ll even arrange for your new abode to be cared for while you summer somewhere other than the surface of the sun. Again–she’s got a guy. And a girl. And another girl.

What’s she got for us this month? A Scottsdale listing that’s cute as can be and ready to go. Unless you want changes–she’s got a guy for that. Three, or four, bedrooms, pool, great neighborhood, nearby amenities. Just may be your Magic Zip Code.

So how do you find Deana, the real estate Doll? Easy-peasey. Here’s her number: 602-295-3151, and email: Tell her you’re one of the Dolls. Magic Zip Code here we come.

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