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Commando Debate…

Duchess Dolls always hunt for interesting fare. What shoots across the desk this morning falls into that file. Chicks on YouTube debating going commando.

Disclaimer: The women are young; younger than this old broad. They are squeamish about flying the flag sans panties. Find me a woman of a certain age and she’ll school you. Running around with no panties–no biggie. In fact, sometimes it’s a necessity.

Like when you’ve gained a few and the sheath doesn’t just glide past the hips. A sheath dress is only as good as its singular, unimpeached line. A panty line–all bets are off. Those within the circle know there is none more dreaded than the panty line. Basically, it’s your guess whether I’m sporting anything under my underneath or not. It’s not your business; but there are times it comes in handy.

Boring business dinner with your best boy? Whisper you’re not wearing panties as you excuse yourself to use the ladies. Call that biz dinner over girlfriend. The check will be paid by the time you return from nose powdering. Some girl advantages never die.

The YouTube youngsters are various shades of grossed out. Silly girls. They know not that there’s power in secrets. Just as beautiful undergarments carry you into the boardroom with an unexplainable swagger, strutting in with none can make you simply unstoppable. Don’t believe me–try it and see.

The girls issue a five-day challenge. Sleep commando. Commando with leggings. Workout commando. Commando under a dress. And, finally, commando in a typical outfit.

They squee at the thought of sleeping sans bottoms, which leads one to wonder–really? They’re young but not that young. Upon waking, they profess to freedom and no probs naked from the waist down safe in their beds.

Commando in leggings they find less tasteful, with the rubbing and all. But they are starting to feel the power of a secret. Hmmmm. Working out commando the girls agree, there is some…shall we say leakage? No worries. They consult a Gynie and she assures that working out panti-less is actually good–just get those leggings off the second you’re done. Flashes of sitting around in a wet bathing suit, don’tcha know?

The dress thing–the girls are less sure. They’ll have to wait ’til they’re older, their dresses are of a higher quality and a more appropriate length to experience the power of no panties in a power suit.

One girl quips, “I can’t reach up without my girl coming out.” Perhaps your dress is too short for work then dear? What’s the Cotillion rule? Put your hands to your sides. If your dress is not longer than the tips of your fingers, it’s too short. Rules to live by.

The final day features the girls in jeans. Without fear of discovery they hail freedom, comfort and the emancipation of no pants day. Whether they keep it up is anybody guess. You can visit them here. They’ve got over two million views. They’re hitting a vein somewhere.

What they’ve yet to discover? The secret to commando success? Shhh.

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