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Peel The Onion…

Women are onions. All different colors. Tastes from sweet to horrible. But mostly, not what we appear on the outside. It’s only peeling back the skin that we find the sweet, or sour, underneath.

I meet a new friend to talk marketing, pr and expanding her business. Helping others promote, expand and create makes the heart sing in this house; so off I go to learn about her wellness center.

I’ve met her in a, “Hi how are you” kind of way. My first impressions? I think her mind goes a million miles a minute. She has a zillion plans and her persona doesn’t completely match what she does. At least in The Dale, land of swanky spas and red rock meditation–which she does by the way. She doesn’t fit the body in a leotard, surgical enhancements that generally mark those of the holistic bent here on the surface of the sun.

Instead, she’s like a great auntie whose a little mystic. She tells of her studies with the Dalai Lama’s doctor–yeah, that’s a thing. She’s studied healing all over the world in all manner of modalities. I believe everything, so want to know more.

She, instead, says, “Let’s get you hooked up to the Beemer (check it out here) and do some acupuncture.”

Ooh squee, new adventure. Acupuncture is, was, on my bucket list. Check. Seems the adrenals are low and there’s a level of stress. Really? So, the little pokers go just above my ankles and in my wrist. No poke, don’t really feel anything. I lean up from prone position to spy the needles are, in fact, “in.” Since I am unable to speak without my hands, the little needle wiggles about.

She steers my hands back over my chest and says acupressure can explain a lot. She’s working on my chakras while electrical impulses stimulate my neck and needles do their thing in my legs and wrist. It’s holistic heaven. But what strikes me is her change.

In her office, there’s a businesswoman–strategies, social media, tv–all the promo jazz. In her zen room, her voice lowers to the soothing trance of a sweet grandma. If she handed me a cookie fresh from the oven, I would not be surprised. We talk of body mind connection and connecting her biz to others. Look out my friends. I’ve got plans for you.

No miracles occur but a sense of calm sweeps over; a feat in itself. And the thought about onions. We are so multi layered, different from one moment to the next but strongest without the outer skin protecting us. Get ready for some changes Duchess Dolls. This new chick is taking us on a journey.

Lauren, our fave life coach would approve. Her words for Sunday:

If it is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.
–Cheryl Strayed


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