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The Perfect Job…Meow

When your biz is PR, marketing and image, strange requests can pad through the door. Requests for free proposals came so often, I finally started charging. Unless I really like you. Every once in a while there’s a proposal request and a skip to my loo on the bill. You know who you are Mr. Old Town.

And then there are the days of magic.

Like last week when an inquiry comes from a company that creates products for the cutest little furrballs. Think. You can figure it out. The company makes products for furry babies that make people like me squee aloud. I read the email and look about for punking cameras. It’s not possible a company is actually looking for marketing and PR help that includes more pictures of said critters–actually encourages it. Whaaaaa?

Once the giddy subsides, I get to the serious work of answering questions, providing examples and reviewing materials. Each time I revisit their website for a peek at the many photos of the adorable, furry, tiny beasts my heart beats faster. And I laugh a little.

I joke in an email that I’m tempted to send pics of my own little darlings. The company founder, yeah, founder, says, “We’d love to see them.” Take that all who label me, and the other ladies, “crazy.” Pfft.

I don’t send off pics–‘cuz you know, professionalism and all. But I do dance about the room a little. I envision marketing and PR-ing my heart out surrounded by little balls of fluff celebrating diversity, inclusion and finally taking their rightful market share.

That was late last week. Haven’t heard back. If I am being punked, it’s a damn good one. If not, I can feel your red hot jealousy. Just call me blessed.


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