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The Season of Trucks…

Commercial Truck Season is a thing. Who knew?

I find out from our fave car dealer, Big Al, that it is quite the thing–and it’s in full swing. What is it?

Seems getting your business vehicles of the hard working variety in order, and perhaps replaced, before the summer is a smart business move. Ram, the workhorse of utility trucks, celebrates each year with specials, discounts and extras. And our Big Al is, of course, in the mix.

At Superstition Spring Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, the celebration honors those hard workers whose trucks are an extension of, and a necessity for, what they do–by offerings deals, specials and price breaks. These are not your accountant boyfriend’s trucks. These are dig in the dirt, fix the pipes and build some houses trucks.

The Ram Promaster is a favorite of roofers, plumbers and dry wallers. It’s nearly 90 degree walls allow for shelving and lots of storage. It’s the cargo van that’s a step up from the vans of old. With rear hinged doors and sliding side doors, it’s not a beast to get in and out of and it boasts 5100 pounds of towing, just in case.

The Laramie is the big dog of pickups. With its 31,210 pound towing capacity, don’t confuse this truck with one you use to tool around town on the weekend. It’s a workhorse. Car and Driver dubbed it, “the hardest working pick up on earth.”

Bonus–you can have as many, or as few, luxuries as you wish.

The Ram 1500, the most recognizable one, is the lighter duty of the bunch. It’s a half ton full size pick up with a smooth ride. Standard in this truck is a UConnect infotainment system with a 8.4 inch screen, anti-spin, remote start, alarm, rear view camera and a rear park assist–although what guy will admit to needing help?

The Ram 1500 would be acceptable to pick up your sweetie for a ride in the country and a picnic basket filled with strawberries and wine. It’s a guy truck–but not so much she’ll need a lift to get in and have to be quiet ‘cuz you can’t hear her over the engine noise.

Of course, our Big Al is offering specials on all three and more. The lot, and the extra lot, are filled to the brim to craft the truck of your dreams.

The Promaster features zero percent APR for 36 months. The Ram 1500 Bighorn comes with 6,250 cash allowance and the 2500 Laramie boasts 4,500 in cash allowance.

Of course, all fall under the Warranty Forever, oil changes for life and the knowledge that you bought from a great guy. Take a virtual test drive or check out the online inventory here. When you call Big Al, tell him The Duchess sent you.


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