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The Easter Miracle…Is A Lizard

The Goddess and I find ourselves alone for Easter. Never a pair bothered by a lack of company, we decide to spend the day together–church, brunch–the stuff of which Easter is made.

Arrive at The Goddess’ abode to ride to Mass together and spy a strange box on the porch. It’s a Rubbermaid type container. Inside is a mold of some sort. It looks like one of those plastic brains from the doctor’s office – just one half. Not sure what it is. Alongside it is a miniature tree stump–also plastic. And then, to complete the bizarre, there is container filled with brownish yellow strings. Closer inspection reveals mealworms. The recollection comes from sixth grade science.

The container’s remainder is empty. It must be some sort of gardening collection as it is placed next to potted plants welcoming visitors. Knock knock.

The Goddess appears, radiant in pink, and asks if I’ve noticed the container.

“What is it?” say I.

“A lizard,” says she.

“Wait, what?” say I.

The story unfolds in a most peculiar way. Seems last night, The Goddess went to the favorite wine bar with friends and Ubered herself home. Exiting her ride, she notices a package on the porch. Upon closer inspection, and an unsuspecting lift of the small plastic tree trunk, she comes face to face with a black dotted lizard. Not the usual gecko style prevalent in The Dale, but a hefty sized, triangle headed, extra long-tailed specimen.

“Who, what?” I am stymied.

“That’s what I thought. Who would drop a lizard at my house?”

“The bunny?” It is a Holy Day after all. And, lizard or not, it is one of God’s creatures.

At church, as one is wont to do, we wonder at the Easter Miracle–did Jesus send the lizard for a reason? Is it a sign? Is it new life? Is he a risen lizard?

At brunch, we settle on the idea that while he is an unusual gift, we cannot dispute its coincidental arrival during this Holy time.

“I don’t want him,” The Goddess stresses. “He’s not coming in my house.” Her thoughts are on the young boy who lives next door. We laugh at how happy his mother will be.

They say miracles come to those who believe. It’s also said they come when we least expect them. Perhaps they also arrive in unlikely packages.

Whatever. We’ve seen the Easter Miracle. And it’s a lizard. Praise Jesus.


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