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Happily Ever After Time…

“Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme…”

Can you guess our table theme? Hahahahaha. Yes it’s time for HEAL’s Fairytale Tea again. This year–April 9 at The Camby. The best, hands down, fundraiser of the year. Been to all of them. No chicken for five hundred bucks here. This one’s afternoon tea served with mind blowing decor and an emcee loved and adored far and wide.

Unfamiliar? Happily Ever After League’s Annual Fairytale Tea features 400 chicks in the decorate-off of their lives. On tables, with themes and one goal: to beat last year’s winner. Ten girls get together to create a tablescape–and by tablescape I mean a table creation that is twenty times 3D, over the top, eye-popping, all wrapped in a fairytale. Cruella DeVille, Snow White–take your pick.

All the money raised goes to the general fund for helping moms with cancer. Remember it’s the only charity that actually gives money, American Express gift cards, to moms with cancer to pay for whatever they need, no questions asked. Electric bill? Fine. Doctor co-pays? You bet. Groceries? Absolutely.

Last year, we rope in our favorite restauranteur, Miss Kate of Buzzberry fame. This year she’s sponsoring a table and wondering how else she can help. Big Al steps up to the plate with complimentary valet services. The people I know helping the people I know is the best part of any day.

So what can you do? Easy peasey my dolls. Buy a ticket, put together a table. Don’t want to create a table? No matter–the HEAL girls will make one for you. Can’t make it April 9th? Donate. Tell sponsors how much their support means.

Buzzberry is at Granite Reef and McDonald in The Dale. Stop in for coffee, or a muffin or croissant or sandwich or smoothie or dog treat. Yep, they make their own dog treats in their own bakery. Everything under the glass is whipped up backstage. It’s like going home for lunch–chicken salad anyone?

And Big Al. You know the drill. When you need a car, go see him at Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and tell him The Duchess sent you. Magic happens.

And the circle keeps spinning. We visit businesses that contribute. They keep contributing to causes we care about. Moms with cancer get the help they need. And the heart fills to bursting.

Visit http://www.happilyeverafterleague.org to register for the Fairytale Tea. I’ll tell the emcee to give you a shoutout.

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