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Very Pinteresting…

Still Pinteresting. It has not lost its appeal. In fact, this past weekend I added some new boards: Pearls, Pearls Everywhere; Southern Charm; The Writer’s Life and Tables. Of course, one cannot add boards without a review of old ones.

Here’s what I learned.

If my Pinterest closet were to spring to life I would be ready to meet the queen of any country, rumble about in the English countryside and the cost my shoes could fund my retirement. In Paris.

If I had all the property I’ve listed as needing, I’d spend so much time traveling, there would be time for little else. I’d go from the Maldives to Paris to Spain to Fiji to Charleston to London to Alabama and back again. On my way, I’d swim, hike, see the sites, sip champagne, linger at sidewalk cafes, eat food I’ve never heard of and meet mysterious men with muscles and tans. Some are cowboys.

If I had all the beauty products and home improvement needs gathered, I could open a little shop to support my habit convincing other seemingly intelligent women that there really are eight ways to make the shower glass sparkle and you can whiten your teeth in three minutes without causing harm.

If I had the collection of cats and puppies I think are adorable I’d pass Crazy Cat Lady on day one and be committed. Not to mention the smell. But wait, under tips, there’s advice on how to eliminate litter box smells. Really.

There’s tons to cook and bake and create–none of which I’ve tried. Oh wait, I did make chicken and dumplings and it was divine. That was in the early days when recipes were carefully chosen based on accomplishability. Now I pin willy-nilly any old thing that strikes my gullet’s fancy. I blame cancer’s feeding tube. Tracking posts, there was a definite spike in food yearning during the time meals came from a tube. The truth is neither before nor after cancer could I, or should I, attempt a beef bourguignon. I bow to Ina as all smart girls should.

If I read everything moved to my “work” board, I’d be amongst the upper echelons. Instead I get waylaid by tablescapes, decorating for small spaces and stuff that’s just so pretty. I get lost in the gardens of others and wonder how they DIY’d a garden bench for their apartment balcony. I wonder who actually makes six figures with just their blog and lives in one of those above the ocean thatched roof thingies where Kardashians vacation. They’re in Fiji by the way.

But mostly I look at the dresses and shoes and makeup and houses and traditions and decorating and advice and funny quotes and I see myself reflecting back. It makes me happy. No matter it would take six of my homes just to house the clothes, shoes and products I love.

Shallow? Pfft. Who cares?

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