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Cancer Lesson 4,387: When they tell you resistance will be low, they’re not lying. Pfft. For the second time this “cold and flu” season, I was sick. Betrayed by my body and felled to my bed.

The last round left me in a small slump. This go round found me not only feeling bad but beating myself up as well. By week’s end I am convinced I am the laziest, least effective and worst with adverbs professional to walk amongst those with writing degrees. Every client is going to fire me. Not only that, they will point and laugh as someone trips me on my way out the door.duchess-diaries-sick-bed

The only consolation? I’m not in politics.

Did anyone watch the Sanders-Cruz debate on healthcare Tuesday night and wonder what it was, exactly, we thought made these two unqualified to be president? Why, oh why, did the Dems kick that guy to the curb. It’s economic fact his plans can’t work, but Dems have never met someone else’s money they did not spend. And tell you how to spend. And Cruz could at least take a turn being hated for efficacy, non?

Betsey DeVos. Girlfriend–piece of advice. When you win the war, gracious is always the best look. Snark only works when people actually like you. Tweeting that you couldn’t find pencils on your first day of work when kids in our inner city schools literally don’t have any ingratiates you to no one. And shows the rest of us you did not attend Cotillion.

CBS News has a new online feature: Today In Trump. It features the country’s only non-millennial to believe we need a blow-by-blow of his daily thoughts. If he starts posting pics of White House food, I may kill myself.

The tweets. I lose my phone more times in a week than I can count on fingers and toes. Always on silent when it disappears, I find myself on all fours tearing through every paper scrap, pocket, errant handbag or under seat of the car. If only I had that damn flashlight thingie I could see under there. Is it that far fetched his might go missing? Just a thought White House staffers. Just a thought.

“Pocahontas is now the face of your party,” is the latest. Although we all tire of Elizabeth Warren’s lectures and ivory tower platitudes, calling the woman Pocahontas crosses the line, even though she claimed Native American status on her U Penn Law School teaching docs and the university claimed her proudly as a minority faulty member. Truth–check Snopes. Americans love Pocahontas don’t we? So the question becomes, “What did Pocahontas ever do to you Mr. President?” I’m sure it’s something. She was probably warned.

In the end, perhaps it was a good week to have one’s head under the covers.


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