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It’s Awards Season…

It’s awards season, that time each year when the uneducated and overpaid pay tribute to themselves every Sunday night for two months. Oh, and make political speeches that make sense only to those who make millions, wear borrowed jewels and gowns and employ people to fawn.the-duchess-diaries-winona

Shoes and dresses–the only reason to watch. Until last night’s SAG awards when Winona Ryder stole the show with a series of oddball faces while Matthew Modine hoisted her up from behind. Strange? Not by Hollywood standards. This morning: raves over her “emotional” response to a co-star’s speech. The rest of us call that hammered.the-duchess-diaries-face

David Harbour, speech giver, actually had something to say about being the odd kids, those left out and left behind; like the kids on the show Stranger Things, for which the cast won the award. No one heard the speech. Viewers were mesmerized by Winona’s expressions–the reasons for which remain unclear. She also seemed to forget that the kids are the stars of the show.

Her faces were those we yearn to make when bosses or bores drone on. You know, the ones your manners keep you from making in real life? There is a bigger question at hand. Harbor’s speech was a thinly veiled shot at Trump. Is it possible Winona’s eye-rolling, quizzicality, and astonishment signals a break from Hollywood’s vitriol for the pres? Doubt it. The girl spent a good period of time in a commune and three years with Johnny Depp.

Much more likely just a case of too much wine. Who amongst us isn’t guilty? Most of us, however, are with the girlfriends when we’ve had a few too many, spout our opinions and make faces at our friends and co-workers. Wait, these people were hammered with their co-workers? When did that become okay?

Oh, in Hollywood. Like that other place where rules don’t apply. Pot? Kettle?


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