You Had Me At Built-In Vac…

When the chickens were little I wavered between wanting a nice car and, well, having three children who filled the back end of whatever I used to haul them around with goldfish crackers, cheerios and an occasionally half sucked lollipop stuck to the car mat.

I resisted a minivan because, well, I tried even then to wear heels and dresses. Though most days it was a dress and white keds, I still believed a minivan was one step too far into the world of give up. Much like curlers in the grocery store, not wearing makeup and eating cheese balls in public.
A visit with Big Al’s sales manager at Superstition Springs Chrysler changes that as he points to the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. It’s the design supposed to change the minivan world and tap out the Caravan and the Town and Country. The looks of it might just do that but it’s the features that send it over the edge and into every parent’s heart. With all the extras and a new style, a mom could drive this wearing heels and sheath dresses and not duck when she spies the prom queen from high school.

We reported on the Pacifica a few months back but take a second look now that the 2017’s have arrived. As always, Big Al’s got a deal for The Duchess Dolls. He only has one child but is as particular as anyone about his vehicle. He knows the pain of a two- year-old barfing in the backseat. Well, probably his wife does. But, he accommodates moms nonetheless. Remember Baby Chicken’s car? Sent it to Bama, no questions asked. He knows how moms roll and he goes with it.

The first thing an observer notices is the sleek shape and design. Less like the minivan of old and more like an over curved Mary Jane shoe. Let that sink it. It’s roundish, not so much of a box on wheels that you just know smells like McDonalds. And then we open the package.

Six reclining seats, a blu-ray player, three TV’s, surround sound, Wi-Fi, two skylights and a built in vacuum. Yep, you heard it right here. Every mom on the planet with tiny tykes just made the sign of the cross and thanked Baby Jesus.

Chrysler’s hope, really, is to make this minivan cool. They know of what they peak. After all, the Chrysler brand invented the minivan. No lie. The Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager? First on the market and both Chrysler products. They created a monster and now they’ve reined it in and made it more mannerly. The battle of the mini versus the SUV may ignite. The gadgets and the crossover body are the main attractions.

They stole the front end from the 200, swept back the windows making it sporty and added five trim levels priced from 29,500 to 47,480. Want some add-ons? Adaptive radar cruise, lane-keeping assist, self-parking, 360 parking camera, two of the TVs are 10.1-inch touchscreens with HDMI ports.

This, dolls, is not your mother’s minivan. Frankly, if this girl were buying: You’d have me at built-in vac.

Big Al’s waiting to help. Search online inventory here or give them a call 480-830-8001. Remember to tell them The Duchess sent you. It will be worth it.


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