That Certain Age…

Women of a certain age are coming into their own. A “second act” movement is under foot. Unlike our mothers, we refuse to shut up and be good. We refuse to adhere to a set of rules defined for us by generations past. We refuse to accept a singular definition of feminism and prefer to craft lives with different clay almost daily, thank you very much.
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The women who stayed at home with kids are leading the movement, according to reports. Creating a second career is all the rage. For these women, it’s time to smash stereotypes. They were not undereducated. They were not subservient to husbands. They were tough enough for the work force. They simply took a break to raise kids. Pull back the curtain on a stay-at-home mom and you’ll find she was a thriving human before children fell from her vagina.

An article on second acts describes how women are throwing out the book of “old lady” and doing whatever the hell they please with their careers, after children, after corporate, after whatever it is they did to contribute to bacon frying up in a pan. And it’s not a club open only to those adhering to that singular definition of feminism.

We’ve all stood on the backs of those that came before just as our daughters and their friends are perched on ours. There is nothing inherently amazing in the ladies who label themselves the first feminists. Ceiling cracks are made by the likes of suffragettes, maids, women of color and mothers who taught their daughters to follow their hearts into corporations, the arts, mothering, community, teaching and manual labor, not by girls with Ivy League educations and powerful husbands.

We are all Yertle the Turtles, stacked upon one another. Hopefully you’re not below a turtle that shakes you off because she doesn’t agree with your choices. So what of these second acts? The article stresses following dreams and passions and those passions can include good hair, cute shoes and zero judgment.

Those of us who never expected second acts to be singleton adventures find a way to rejoice in eating whenever and whatever we like, going to rom-coms without having to trade for James Bond or Star Trek and being able to hold the remote. The question becomes: What does your second act entail?

Mine? Is drinking tea and writing romance novels acceptable? How about going back into a newsroom? Heels, good hair, fine trousers and sheath dresses are involved; I know that. So are guilty pleasures, caring less about other’s opinions of me and continuing to always wear mascara.

How about you doll? Follow the movement. Share your second act and I’ll share them with the class. Drag in the chick next to you. This second act deserves a standing ovation!

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