Get Patriotic Under The Tent…

Memorial Day spells tent sales. The Duke’s shop is no exception. Went visiting this week and found that the Jeep Patriot is on special. What I actually ventured to the dealer for was a car for Baby Chicken.

Little One needs a car for a new job. I am more than a little impressed. It took me longer than two weeks after college to find a job. Who knew the key was to move to Bama? Though we love the land of Roll Tide, it has now stolen my youngest child so the state will have to deal with that. What is it they say about a mother scorned? Not a mother? Well, this one is scorned. Roll Tide that.
I don’t mean it really. It was easy to see the South, and a sweet little Southern Boy, was stealing her heart. But that means her journey needs a car. The Duke is there to save the day. Can you get her a car, like now? Yup. Can you ship it to Bama before her first day of work? Yup. See why we love this guy? He knows mothers are a crazy sort and he works with that.

Pulling up, the tent is the first thing I see. Never having been a Memorial Day car shopper, all that commercial screaming makes me nervous; I never realized there really is a tent. What’s under it? Everything you could want with great financing and specials. I suppose its all the stuff car dealers scream about on TV. Our friend, The Duke of Cars, has a simple tent and a boatload of cars—one of which gets on a truck today to meet Baby Chicken in Bama.

The Patriot, the entry Jeep, is one of the specials. There’s a bunch of them on the lot and they’re pretty cute. It’s the entry level Jeep, a five passenger compact SUV crossover and it’s enormously popular. The Duke’s got two models: Sport and Latitude. The Latitude can even be had in a high altitude edition. Telluride for the fourth anyone?

Wheels are 16-inch steel and features include fog lights, roof rails, exterior mirrors, cruise control and a 60/40 split folding seat. There is also Bluetooth connectivity and a four speaker sound system with a CD player, satellite radio and an audio jack. There are speakers in the back for those times you party out in the desert. If you’re gonna have a Jeep, make it count right?

The Sport SE package gives you 17-inch steel or alloy wheels and an upgraded stereo and CD/DVD changer. There’s also upgraded trim, remote keyless entry, automatic headlights and heated mirrors. Tow hooks are also thrown in because you need those for who knows what. But if you’re summering in Telluride to escape the heat, you might need them.

Visiting The Duke is easy. The tent is up and waiting. Tell him The Duchess sent you and see what happens. Check out inventory here or call for an appointment 866-821-4460.


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