How Grandma Are You?…

Another Buzzfeed quiz catches my eye—a scientific measure of how much of a grandma one might be. A few friends have become grannies lately. Without the little ones in tow, you’d never guess. Though I have no babies of my babies, I take the test to find myself 49 percent grandma. Hmmm.
Questions center around lifestyle, beliefs and worldview.
Things like: Do you prefer a quiet bar or one where you might have to stand and dance? Well, that’s a mixed bag, non? Are we at the dive country bar? Sisterella and I stand for only a bit before some gent offers a stool and a dance. Corona Light, a drink allowed only at the dive country bar, demands dancing as its natural progression, am I right? There are times, however, that a girl in heels and a sheath dress longs for the perfect martini in quiet surroundings. Especially if those surrounding include a most interesting blue eyed charmer with something to say.

I failed that one.

Would you ever order a cup of tea at a bar? Pfft. What is the ideal bedtime? Am I dancing on tables or binge watching Breaking Bad? Bad example, either one ends well past midnight. This girl is allergic, though, to going to work bleary eyed so perhaps it’s a weekend thing.

How do you feel about clubbing? Hate it. Clear enough? Did you know in Old Town Scottsdale, there are girls on the bar in their undies? No lie. There it is. Grandma comes out to play.

There were other fails as well. How often do you wear heels? Everyday apparently is not the correct answer. I stand by my lifelong belief: Be wary of the girl who never wears heels. Same for perfume.

Another big fail is “most worn outfit.” In order to be more Grandma, the correct response is baggy jumper, mom jeans and snuggly cardigan, not fitted dress and heels. Although a snuggly cardigan over a fitted dress might be good.

Do you own a scented candle and take baths? Evidently this is “grandma-y.” Buzzfeed editors must not know that Aloha Orchid candles and a steamy bath can bring about world peace.

Do you ever go out without a coat? Is it below sixty degrees?

Have you ever cancelled to stay home in your pajamas? Is this a trick question?

How much of a grandma are you? Take the quiz and report back http://www.buzzfeed.com/tabathaleggett/what-is-your-grandma-percentage#.bo5J5Zbaj.


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