The Duke Strikes Again…

By now all the dolls know our car guy, The Duke aka Big Al, from his dealership and the people we send out to his place to buy a car. Visited with him last week while Oldest Chicken bought a Jeep Laredo in deep cherry red.

I tell him of HEAL’s Fairytale Tea and his first response is, “What can I do?”

“Well, they need a sponsor for the valet at the event.”
alvin-heggs“Done. What else?”

“That’ll do,” say I. He writes a check to cover valet services so all the ladies at the tea need not park their own cars. After all, delicate hats and party dresses require full display and the garage at The Camby certainly does not serve as such. This way, the ladies can sashay into the event intact.

Middle Chicken is along. “He’s so big,” says she. Yup. The NBA doesn’t grow them small. Nor does Texas, where Big Al played. Hook ’Em Horns, that Texas. It’s right there on the sign leading into his office.

Each time I visit, he sends a shout out to Baby Chicken.

“Roll Tide my friend” he calls out.

I configure my fingers into the Texas horn thingy and call out “Hook ‘Em Horns.” Only for The Duke would such a thing fly from my mouth. Other days, it might be downright blasphemous.

So why buy a car from this guy? That’s the point. His first response to what I’m up to is, “How can I help?” He takes care of all the Dolls that visit, throws in some extra charm and perhaps a deal or two. He closes up shop on Sundays ’cuz everyone should spend time with their family, including his employees. An employee who does not rave about him is yet to be found and his work for underprivileged youth is well known.

So, you need a car? Why not see somebody who is actually a good guy, will take care of you and writes a check for the Happily Ever After League ladies tea? I ask, “Do you want a seat?”

“It’s a ladies tea?” says he.

“Yep” say I. “Four hundred of them.”

“Darn,” he says, glancing at an imaginary calendar. “I’m gonna be out of town that weekend. But tell all the ladies to have fun.”

What a guy. Don’t know what I was gonna do if I had to add to my table a seven foot tall basketball player sporting a tea hat. Pfft.

Need a car? Easy peasey. Call Superstition Spring Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram at 877-297-8992 or visit the website to check inventory, http://www.supercj.com.


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