What’s On Your List?…

A list of the all time top ten New Years Resolutions appeared online yesterday. When cancer is your yearlong partner, resolutions are pretty simple. Learn to appreciate life. Stop and smell the roses, that sort of thing. As for me, the only thing I’m contemplating New Year’s Eve is Bama beating the hell out of Michigan State.
Evidently, Bama football doesn’t make the list. Pfft. The list is pretty basic and one can see how it would apply to many. I considered each one for my duchess dolls and came to some conclusions.
Top of the List: Spend more time with friends and family. When cancer steals your work, gives you chemo brain and drains your energy, it is friends and family that get you through. Three cheers for this one. Nothing better. Add this one to your list.

Get fit. Hmmm. We all know how I feel about exercise. Does raising a glass of wine count for arm strength? What about hours logged on Netflix? That’s got to do something—using all that brainpower? BTW: New fave? Making A Murderer. Makes you wonder about life for the poor and uneducated in this country. Sad, shocking and riveting. See? Brain stimulation.

Lose Weight. I still sit firmly in the “eat what you love” category. And you know how I feel about salads. Fortunately, when one has to learn to eat again, salad is last on the list. Evidently it’s a choker. I knew all along it was evil.

Quit Smoking. Enough said. It’s disgusting and you smell. So do your clothes, your car, and your pets. And no one wants to have sex with you. Weigh the consequences carefully my dolls.

Enjoy Life More. Well, duh. Does this really need to be on someone’s list? I would suspect the person who thought up this one is not an every day list maker. There is nothing like the joy of marking off accomplishments each day. Like binge watching Making a Murderer or the Real Housewives.

Quit Drinking. Again, whose list is this? Take it from a wine and Grey Goose lover who’s been dry for almost a year. When it comes to a cocktail, just say yes. Then dance on the table. Goes with that enjoy life more thing.

Get Out Of Debt. Yikes. This is probably, in some form or other, on everyone’s list. Do your best.

Learn Something New. Does anyone go day to day not learning new stuff? It can be frustrating, admittedly. Just mastering Instagram sent this girl’s head spinning. And they keep telling me not to load the pictures all in a chunk but slowly, one at a time. Who the hell has time for that? And I still don’t get Snapchat. I get your little stories but how the hell do you comment? Yes, dolls learn something new.

Help Others. Always, always, always.

Get Organized. This must be for the non-OCD among us. Although I will admit, a girl can never have enough calendars, notebooks, storage bins and drawer dividers. Perhaps that explains the get out of debt. Who knew?


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