Love Of My Life…

Next to The Norwegian and The Chickens, the love of my life is bread. When the waiter asks if we want bread, I scream out “Yes,” before any of my friends can tsk-tsk eating the most perfect of foods. The Norwegian knew eschew the flowers; bring home warm crusty loaves. No wonder the man was so deeply loved.

Keeping with the holiday theme of fine things for regular girls is the best bread—La Brea loaves, flatbreads, rounds, ciabattas and baguettes. Here in Arizona they are available at Fry’s, AJ’s, Albertson’s, Basha’s and Costco. Costco even has multi loaves if your family feels the same about warm bread slathered in butter or crusty paninis filled with turkey and brie.
It’s the promise of turkey and shredded lettuce on a mini baguette that has Baby Chicken longing for Christmas break.

La Brea began in LA—the land of women who never eat bread, go figure, almost thirty years ago. Founder Nancy Silverton once said, “Really, today there’s no excuse for baking bad bread.” Halleluiah sister. The girl was working at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago at the time. She thought there was a need for fine bread. Girl was correct!

In the beginning there were six breads: country white sourdough, sourdough baguette, whole wheat, Normandy rye, olive and rosemary olive oil. Today the offerings are more extensive, to die for when warmed up a bit and create the finest toast on earth. La Brea bread is also the land of the finest sandwiches, for those of us who choose to eat like boys instead of delicate salad lady lunches. I’ll eat salad with my girls as long as it’s accompanied by the finest in bread offerings, crusty and butter laden.

Can we talk panini? Dolls—invest in a press. A personal favorite is the Breville that Baby Chicken requested for Christmas many years ago. The Norwegian said, “She doesn’t want that. You do.”

“No, I swear. She does.”

He put the cash on the counter and gave me a raised eyebrow. Her glee on opening Santa’s package had me raise the eyebrow in his direction come Christmas morning. When he tasted the deliciousness she concocted, snarky words from his mouth had nowhere to travel. It will be the first thing she creates after sleeping three days upon her arrival home.

You’ll recognize the bread. It’s in the bakery department. If you’re lucky enough to live in LA, search out the bakery, yes on La Brea. But, alas those of us on the surface of the sun must settle for the store. The loaves, fresh and warm each morning, are in the bakery housed in brown bags with the La Brea logo. You can’t miss them. But, like Black Friday, you may have to fight someone for the last baguette. It’s worth the risk.


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