The Regular Girl’s Guide…

Generally, Monday is pajama day. A dear friend labels her version, “No pants Monday.” As this girl always wears a dress, aversion to pants doesn’t really apply. My jammies are the only thing with pants!

Once I started working for myself, Monday got set aside as organization day. Not just a nod to my OCD but a way to plan the week, list my calls, create the blog and plot world domination. Yesterday, Middle Chicken, recovering from nasty gall bladder surgery, joined me in Pajama Monday.
It’s not like I rot in my own stench every Monday. No, indeed. I get up, take a shower, do my face and get ready like any other workday. The difference? I don my Nick and Nora’s to take over the world, one badass move after another. According to those in the know, if you start the day with that attitude something is bound to happen. What, I’m not sure. I’m still waiting.

So, yesterday, discussing with Middle Chicken our deep love for a certain brand of jams, a holiday idea struck like lightning. Why not do an Oprah’s Favorite things for regular girls? Why not share all the things we love and treasure during the holidays. Without the Oprah size price tag.

Nick and Nora pj’s have been mentioned on these pages before. They are the ultra comfy, flannel pants and tops featuring crazy designs and enough butt room to be super serene all day long. Bonus—they’re on sale forty percent off at Target right now. So get off your pants covered ass and get to Target so you, too, can lounge about like the queen you are.

The pros? They last forever. I have some that have been in rotation for four years. They are the work horse of the jam world. They don’t shrink. It’s the downfall of most flannel. It’s so perfect and then one wash and sleeves are too short and pants come above the ankle. And, God forbid, the shirt is no longer long enough over the pants. Pfft. The whole point is that the outfit is baggy enough for ultimate coziness.

Tip: if you’re on the smaller side, get a large. If you’re a little bigger girl, meaning normal size, get an extra large. You need to be swimming in these jams for top-level enjoyment.

And the price will leave you feeling like you better snatch up every pair in stock. Surely, they’ve been mismarked. Are you ready? $29.99 for adults and $14.00 for kids. What are you waiting for? Get up, go.

Tomorrow: Aaaaah, bread. Yep, we know the best bread and where to get it. You can eat it in your jams whenever the need hits.


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