Only Three More Sleeps…

Only three more sleeps until Olivia Pope returns to tell us how to live, how to dress and how to kick ass and get things done. During the long hot summer, we’ve hardly been able to figure out what to say, where to go and whom to kill. Those of us who cannot wait until Thursday have done some prep work.
We’ve watched the last two episodes from last season just to get up to speed.
For those baffled by the Jake-Fitz dilemma: Really, Jake and the beach? Choice made. Others cheered when Liv met Fitz on the White house portico. By the way, is that portico to die for or what? I’m afraid I might emulate Mellie and just sit out there for hours eating fried chicken in my bathrobe.

So what is Fitz’ spell with women? He’s kind of whiny. He has a clear double standard when it’s his behavior matched against someone else’s. He scowls. A lot. He’s neither a great husband nor boyfriend. He is the president so there’s that. What is it that keeps Mellie and Liv coming back for more? My guess is he is gifted with that very thing we joke about. How did he get her? You know how. It would have to be really something to outdo Jake. And the beach.

Can we talk Abby’s hair? Girlfriend stick with the smooth curls. You are rocking it.

Now that vacay season is over, we need to hunker down in our careers and start kicking ass and taking names. No, you don’t have to kill or torture anyone. Well, torture the ones who won’t do business with you. Or turn them over to me and I’ll write about them for you. Do we look to Liv, Mellie, Abby or Quinn? Hint: Don’t ever underestimate the senator from the great state of Virginia.

Is Cyrus really fired?  Doubt it. Fits can’t look squeaky clean without Cyrus lurking in the background making enemies disappear. Besides we really do want to see Cyrus and his new husband find their way to each other, don’t we?

We are buoyed by Liv’s dance when she tells Jake “I want it all. I want him and I want you and I want the beach.” Both might be nice but Fitz doesn’t strike me as a very good sharer. There is the house in Maine after all, making jam and living off the grid. I’d still do the beach.

Is it not the wish of every girl to somehow encapsulate all the traits she wants in a mate. Hmmm, he doesn’t like the opera? I’ll go with this guy. He doesn’t want to dress up? Well, this just won’t work. He doesn’t respect my career? Nope, bye bye. He wants to stay home snuggled up on the couch. Works for me.

So dolls, pour some red wine from a vintage befitting Liv’s taste. Pop some corn. Put on your comfy oversized sweater and tune in. And, by the way, we know the right choice.

When in doubt, always choose the beach.

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