Claire Returns…

Can we take the day to rejoice in the fact that tomorrow is the return of Frank and Claire Underwood and their journey to world domination? Yes, my dearest dolls, House of Cards returns tomorrow. Anyone else find it funny it’s the same day as my surgery? Makes me wonder—could cancer stand up to the mighty Claire?

What if, into surgery, I take with me all my “Claireisms,” and direct them at the cancer. Makes for hidden power, non? Let’s give it a try.

Who can forget, “Am I really the kind of enemy you want to make?” Well, am I?


As for trepidation: “I expected that. It doesn’t worry me.” Pfft.

Her rules are simple and make perfect sense headed into battle.

Make your own rules. Need help? “I won’t be asking for your blessing on every decision I make.” Squee.

Goals are for achievement, nothing less. Be it career, personal life or an old-fashioned sheath dress. Master that shit and let the chips fall where they may. How many times have those who crossed her withered under her gaze and follow through. Game, set, and match.

Look your best. Saw the radiation doctor this morning in a red dress and t-strap heels. Go ahead, screw with my look. I dare you. All I needed was a darling to zip me up and all would have moved along a bit faster, but no matter.

“Is there a spider I can trap?” Might it be something lurking out there that threatens in the darkest corners? Even spiders don’t hold their previous power. They never did scare our dear Claire.

“Let’s make him suffer.” Truer words my dear, truer words.

“Seduce him. Give him your heart. Cut it out and put it in his fucking hands.”

“I will bury you.”

Thank you Claire dear. Enough said.


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