Healing Power…

Believing healing powers are all around us is, I thought, was how I was living my life. Going about my own business, making my living, teaching myself badassery and the big C comes to call. What is it the bitch is calling out?

Is it that we are not taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally—what? Has it been

hanging about waiting to strike, as my particular brand might suggest? Are we born that way? Did we drink too much wine? Not enough protein? Eschewing veggies finally caught up with us? There are no answers my dolls. There is only forward, so let’s move that way, shall we?

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

Chamomile tea laced with lavender, along with a blanket from a precious little niece, along with a tear-jerker movie you saw together is pretty good medicine. Thank you, sweet Cameron.

Water, it turns out, can make you feel a helluva lot better when nothing else works.


Aloe socks are the bomb. You need these. Thank you HEAL. That’s Happily Ever After League, check them out here.

Always a believer in Chompie’s chicken soup as a cure-all, I’ve discovered it may not cure what ails you but you will feel better. Jilly Bean’s homemade tomato soup is a close second. You rock my girl.

Evidently, Arbonne lotion and oil is a godsend for radiation. Will keep you posted. Many thanks, Lauren.

Ice cream, it turns out, provides cheer for that afternoon slump. Mary brings it for a recent celebration but my throat can handle nothing that day. Yesterday, this girl, who never eats ice cream, discovers it may indeed be filled with healing powers. How long have you been keeping this secret Miss Mary?

Protein shakes can provide a morning boost for us girls who believe breakfast comes about 1 p.m. Fast, easy peasey to make and one does actually feel a bit peppier. Who knew? All those chicks exercising at 6 a.m.—that’s who.

A Nutri-Bullet may be the finest invention on earth. Did you know that thing turns regular food you can barely stomach into shakes that taste like bananas and peaches? Doesn’t even matter that there’s greens, beets and even sauerkraut in there. The world has indeed been keeping secrets. Miss Marion delivers the Nutri-Bullet and instructions. They should pay her a commission.

For the first time ever, this girl has a recipe.

In your blender, or your Nutri-Bullet if you are so blessed:

Fill the bottom with kale and spinach—I know whaaa? Trust me. About three inches worth and pat down.

Add an apple—remove the skin and the seeds. Yep, seeds are in there. Get rid of them—not good for you or your Nutri-Bullet.

Add a banana—peeled. Even I knew that.

Add a beet, a small one, chopped up. They have them at the store ready to chop. Look in the organic section. I did not just say that?!

Alternately, add a spoonful of sauerkraut. Remember The Fixer swears this slop is the key to health. She is radiant and I’ve got cancer—eat the sauerkraut.

Now add frozen fruits—your choice—mangoes, berries, peaches—whatever. This will make it cold and further disguise the beets, spinach, kale and sauerkraut.

Fill the container with coconut water and blend. Seriously—you’re welcome.

The food is great. The products are fabulous. Please keep sending tips, suggestions so we can share. There is one thing, however, that is essential when visiting the oncologist.

Your bestie. Rozzie, my doll, there will never be thanks enough for your patience, nursing, bossing, lying about my looks, making me eat and laughing at the latest mess we’ve got ourselves into.

Cheersing you with my shake. Wish it was wine.


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