The Twelve Days of Holiday Gratitude… Day Five

4:34 PM

Day Five…The Success of Others

The only thing better than our own dreams coming true is watching those of a friend or loved one come to fruition. Besides, olive youthe success of others enhances our own.

As we’ve learned, there is enough for everyone. There is enough love. There is enough money.There are enough resources. And, yes, enough success. More success only sends the success boomerang back around to us.

If I could write all day—blog, books, crafting words for others, I would be living the dream. For others, writing induces fear. Sentence structure causes palpitations. Finding the perfect word is not a puzzle to be solved but tantrum inducing folly. Lucky for me, people like this to pay me to finagle nouns, adverbs and past participles for them. Yay!

I would feel the same if called on to create spreadsheets, measure and construct things or participate in something where lovely table décor and Aloha Orchid candles did not come into play. For that reason, I will pay someone to do my taxes, build a home and sell advertising for the blog. BTW—percentage paid to brave souls willing to get on board in the ad department. Love meeting the people. It’s the close that constricts my throat and induces sweaty palms.

Yesterday, witnessing the success of a favorite little chicken induces happiness beyond measure and prods me to consider gratefulness for the success of others. For the uninitiated, chickens are children, both biological and not so much. My collection of young ones is a source of constant joy.

Baby Chicken and I attend a little afternoon delight known as “Sip and Shop.” You’ve not been? Sip and shop is a concept created by some marketing genius whereby clients, friends and their friends mill about your shop buying wares while cocktailing. Brilliant!

This day, it’s Olive You, the brainchild of little one Taylor Kerley and her sister Michele Tranberg. You don’t know this dynamic duo? Surely you know their mother—Lisa Kerley, Scottsdale philanthropist, kickass businesswoman and sweetest doll on planet earth, right?

Lisa helps the girls schlep items from the store to her home and creates a concoction known as Hippie Juice, of which Baby Chicken and I enjoy more than our share. The baubles, the jumpsuits, the sweaters, the jackets, the bags, oh my! Things chosen for my little one come with a reminder that Santa will be wrapping them for Christmas!

taylor and zoeIt’s fun but most touching is watching a girl I’ve known for years come into her own. She aids customers with fit, choice and opinion. She gladly brings out her little kitten Zoe for all to coo over. The smile never leaves her face. She’s experiencing a step on her success journey. Oh, did I mention this girl is still in school? Yep, opened a little shop right on the ASU campus and she’s still in school.

She wants to be in fashion and she’s grabbing hold of her personal brass ring. The heart swells. Visit the store. Share the dream. Stand back and watch as your own dreams blossom. Boomerang.


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