A Little Christmas Contest…

4:11 PM

A little holiday cheer crossed my desk yesterday in the form of a contest. It’s a first but I’m thinking it might be a catalyst for how much good can be accomplished betweenLetter_to_Santa_Claus now and the Christmas holiday.

While meeting with a client, he tells me he has a computer that he would like to donate. It is used but in top shape but he would really like it to go to someone who needs it.

“I would like to give them a blessing,” he says. “It will be a present for me to give during the holidays.” He hopes I will put the word out on the blog. We decide it can be a contest, a Christmas contest.

“I want to give the computer to a person who needs it to educate him or herself; someone that having a computer will make a difference in improving their life or business.”

The computer itself is as Samsung PC, Pentium 4 with a 19″ screen and includes a keyboard and mouse, three hard drives. The guy’s a computer geek so you know it’s good. It is completely refurbished and ready to go.

So here’s the scoop: Write a short letter telling us why you, or your friend, or your charity, needs a computer. He will sit down and read them all and pick the winner. The computer can be picked up the weekend before Christmas. Deadline to get your letters in is Wednesday, December 17th. Spread the word. Spread this blog. Here’s a link.

All letters should be sent to: info@theduchessdiaries.com and I will pass along. Merry, merry, joy, joy.

How’s that for holiday spirit? What have you got dolls? Let’s get this rolling on itself. Who can you help, really help? Put your mind to it. Let’s make a difference.


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