The Duke of Cars…

Introductions are in order. I tell my favorite car dealer that I want someone to advise us on car care, teach us about necessary and unnecessary maintenance and how to buy a car. My car guy is larger than life, sweet as pie and said yes on oneBig-Al--Image condition. He agrees to school us if he can be The Duke of Cars. Done, done and done.

Alvin Heggs owns Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Mesa. He has a storied history of his own but his story with me is what made me choose him as The Duke. My car was nearing a million miles when I visited “Big Al.” As all spoiled Scottsdale wives, I never bought a car on my own. I, instead, informed The Norwegian of my choice, chose a color and left the wrangling up to who knows who. My last car came to the driveway via giant red bow.

I confessed to Big Al that I was nervous, did not know how to buy a car and was probably not an easier qualifier, given my journey through widowhood. He simply said, “That’s what we’re here for. There’s nothing to worry about.” In two hours, I drive away with a new car at a price I can afford and a man for whom I feel not only gratitude but friendship. His kindness, integrity and compassion at a low point in my life will never be forgotten.

I’d like to think it was about me; my charm or something. After checking about, I find Big Al is known valley-wide for his generosity of spirit. He helps students achieve. He sponsors teams and is a noted philanthropist. And he’s humble. He’d be embarrassed at my bragging. A surprise given his former career.

You thought you recognized the name right? Big Al is a former NBA player. He played college ball at UT, which you notice upon entering his office. Under his name, a plaque reads, “Hook ‘Em Horns.” But each time I see him, he calls out a “Roll Tide,” so there’s that. A man after my own heart. Squee.

Alvin has agreed to school us on the first of each month–how to maintain our cars, trade-ins, buying, and each month he’s going to feature a car. For December, it’s the Chrysler 200, which, by the way, is my car. Yep, the gorgeous, sporty, hot little car with the throwback analog clock on the dashboard. And, besides, it’s cute. And Superstition Springs sends emails telling you when to come in for an oil change.

I tell him a couple of weeks ago that I’ll send all my girls to see him. He says he can’t wait to meet you! The dealership is at 6130 E Auto Park Drive in Mesa. Scottsdale dolls, it’s worth the trip. Or you can call Big Al at 866-294-1512. Tell him The Duchess sent you!


1 thought on “The Duke of Cars…”

  1. I just heard about the Duke last month, it was a toastmasters meeting I believe. Someone giving a speech held up a magazine with his picture on the cover as an illustration of a smile that reeks of love. Makes me want to go car shopping!


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