The Pen Is Mightier Than Your Job…

1:24 PM…Twenty-seven days and counting until Amour moves to Duchess Diaries…

Well, well, well. Some see The Duchess Diaries as merely a bit of fluff at day’s end. Throw in some fashion sport, a little gossip, mix in our beloved snark and obsession with pointy toe pumps and that’s the whole of it, right? Not so fast dolls. tommy w crownRemember Shea/Shay of Green Bra fame?

Seems a reader, so fascinated with Shea/Shay’s customer service abilities tracked the girl down, scared the life out of her recounting the tale and offered her a new job. Yep, swooped in to steal her all for herself. With a higher salary of course. No word yet on whether Miss Shea/Shay accepted. I do sit, over morning coffee, feeling just a bit smug that a sweet little one is climbing the ladder due to a written tale. Squee.

Must be that pen and sword thing. What? You’re unfamiliar with, “The pen is mightier than the sword?” Oh, dear, let’s get schooled on the best phrase ever. It is sustenance for young reporters, especially when big wigs don’t answer interview requests. The arbiter of information, both good and bad, all in one stroke. Or tap of the keyboard.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton gets credit for coining it thus in his play Richelieu, Or The Conspiracy in 1839. Some bestow Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Rosencrantz utters, “Many wearing rapiers are afraid of goose-quills and dare scarce come hither.” Even political minds get it. Thomas Jefferson wrote to Thomas Paine in 1796, “Go on doing with your pen what for other times was done with a sword.” Ouch.

Indeed my pets. Words spoken sting. But words written sting and live to sting again in the re-read. How delicious. Which brings us full circle. If words from The Diaries were enough to get a girl a new job, imagine what they mean in larger circles. Case in point: Who’s Who. Lots and lots of inquiries into the new page and The Duchess’ Finest page.

Who’s Who is being compiled. Don’t mistake it for who’s already famous. We already know those chicks. Some are featured, if they’re worthy. It’s all about who’s actually in the trenches getting shit done. Is that charity? Is that business? Is that “married well?” Is that making a difference? Yes, yes, yes and yes. What’s that you say? You want to be on the page? You know someone who should be? Convince me you belong there doll. It’s easy. Are you amazing, deserving, cultured, fabulous and getting shit done? Are you making a difference, even on the tiniest scale where it really matters most?

As for business? My reader spies are everywhere. They’re taking note and reporting back. They bring me businesses to check out and also inform on service–good, bad and indifferent. On your toes might be a good strategy. Of course you can advertise, but only once you’ve been vetted Duchess reader worthy. What a concept, hmmm? Sounds mysteriously like true service for true reward. Where have we heard that before Fixer fans?

This girl’s pen is positively giddy.

PS: A reader informs me today is National Cat Day. Celebrate as you see fit.


2 thoughts on “The Pen Is Mightier Than Your Job…”

  1. I adore the new site! It oozes your personality. I’m only checking in here (at the old site) to ask whether the new one will allow comments soon? All I tend to post in reply to your blog entries are virtual squeals, giggles and guffaws, so there’s no big loss to the conversation anyway. 🙂


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