Poised, Present and Purposeful…

10:53 PM

Twenty-seven days and counting ’til Amour transforms completely…

It’s Fixer Monday. Back to business. We talk advertising. She says I need to bitch up another level. Again?meditation Thankfully, we swirl around in the spiritual for a while.

“Your best approach is always poised, present and purposeful,” she says. A trio, in tandem, that proves unbeatable.

Poised. Poise up before you leave the house. It’s defined as having a graceful and self-assured manner. It’s also wrapped up in outward presentation, a personal favorite. We should adjust manners as they serve as a magic potion in the arsenal of any venture. Scrub up and wear your best. It’s still true: You only get one chance to make a first impression.

True if the business is yours as well. Indifferent shopkeeper? Don’t have time for a customer? Be careful, my darlings. Duchess readers are everywhere. More and more they report back. Power of the pen anyone?

Present. Being in the present, expression, actions or state occurring in the moment. Are we present, fully present, in what we are doing? Are we listening to others? The Fixer stresses gratitude comes completely wrapped in the present. Are you grateful for the opportunity to speak with someone about your business? Are you grateful your restaurant is busy? Have you found a way to help people in some way? Grateful and present go hand in hand.

“Besides, when you are not grateful, you are ignorant. Ignorant is the opposite of gratitude.” Blunt as ever. I reflect on it later. Gratitude creates opportunities and with opportunities come people. And people carry blessings. Ignorance is not knowing the difference or choosing not to. Things appear as either blessing or curse. Can we see the difference? We must be open and receptive. After all, some of those blessings turn out kind of curse-like.

Purposeful: having a useful purpose, intentional. What is our intent? Is our intent to provide superior service and product? Do we approach clients that way? Does our work reflect that? Funny how many readers talk of bad service. Perhaps we need a wall of shame. Do we really want that floating out there; karma and all?

“You don’t know who is walking toward you,” she reminds.

So, tomorrow, as you paint on your outside face, make sure to pack poise, presence and purpose in your pocketbook. And a new red lipstick. It’ll help you bitch up.

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