A Duchess Is Born…

7:18 PM

Today, I gave birth. It was an easier labor than my ten-pound behemoth chickens, but this time my brain hurts instead of my, well, you know.

duchess crown

Amour De Ma Vie launched my new life after The Norwegian died in the woods on a sunny day. To come full circle, there must be forward thrust, a catalyst to propel us all the way round. It’s true for all the adopted chickens graduating from college and embarking on life full throttle and for all my chicks of a certain age kicking ass and taking names all over the world.

And so, today, The Duchess Diaries was born. She entered the world at 6:17 p.m. and carries the moniker, Theduchessdiaries.com. Don’t fret if the technology gods don’t allow you access right away. Evidently websites take time to speak to each other, toss their codes back and forth and display themselves. It takes almost as much time to turn the damn thing on as it does to build it. That’s the brain hurt.

Things will change on this end as well. Soon, readers will enter Amour and be redirected to the new site. From your end you need do little, except keep reading. The new site is exciting; videos, access to the You Tube Channel, glam photos and triple doses of snark to carry you through the day. And, yes, tomorrow afternoon I’m going to the sex shop.

There is also a Contact Me page, which was an oft heard refrain. So, if you are in need of wit on the down low, drop a line and I’ll tell you which fork to use and what shade of red lipstick goes with your skin tone. Or where to shop. Or who’s a bitch. You’re welcome.

And for lovers of The Norwegian–don’t fret. He’s still here, lurking about, thinly veiled within the pages. Never forgotten. And, besides, some of the shit about him is just too funny not to share, right? All the old stuff is there. The blog itself won’t change, except for the duchess part. I’m supposed to keep in mind who I am and also what I am. And, evidently, I am that little cat in the Disney movie Aristocats who never lost her dignity, or her head tilt, amidst all her troubles. Look her up. She’ a doll.

Buckle your seat belts, girls. It’s gonna be an adventure. Oh, and call me Duchess.


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