The Gift of Boredom…

Boredom entertains me with random thoughts. Use these as jumping off points for you own mind expansion.

Why, when you start a new job, is Pinterest suddenly the only skill you’ve mastered??

Does anybody else hate when lettuce gets wet under something hot. Like in a restaurant and they put a piece of meat on lettuce and the lettuce gets all wet and wilty. That really bothers me. Kind of ruins the whole meal.

How long will you bleed if you get something cut off, like an arm or a leg? Eventually you’d have to stop right? Would you just be a flouncy bag then?

Do really, really smart people have things they can’t figure out? Besides fashion, of course.

Why does hair have the ability to create a bad day?

Do people with really offensive body odor not smell it?

When you lose weight, where does the fat go? You get smaller but globs of fat do not make a trail behind you.  Where does it go?

Is it conditioning that makes men prefer violent movies and women prefer rom coms, generally? Or is it hard wired in the brain?

Why is Cards Against Humanity so funny? it really shouldn’t be.

On Girls, is Lena Dunham trying to make Marnie unlikeable because she’s the pretty one? Is that playing into stereotypes that pretty girls are vacuous and less attractive girls have to be the smart ones?

Did you ever notice that some really unfortunate looking babies turn into beautiful adults?

Who decided vegetables are good for us? Do we believe it because they taste bad? What if the key to life is really chocolate, coffee and bread? Its possible.  Proof? French and Italian women.

White rice versus brown rice. How is it that making it white makes it taste so much better?

Why can’t we sleep late on the weekend when all week long we’ve had to pry ourselves out of bed?

Why do we (girl types) need to buy a bathing suit three sizes bigger than we are in other clothing? Just to feel bad?

Why is it shoes can make you feel better? Easy, silly ones, it’s a fact of nature. Duh.

Ruminate. Go ahead.







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