Amour On Parade…at last

Bonjour Girlfriends!

Yes there is a reason for my absence and yes, I have heard the complaints loud and clear! I know we’re all busy, but this busy involves handbags. As a slut for any accessory, can you blame me for the lapse? And when those accessories sport my company name, honor The Norwegian and promise rosier times ahead, how can I resist? The rest of the Amour De Ma Vie line for Phoenix Drum has arrived and the girls are ready to strut their stuff. You like?

Not to boast, but alas, it’s in my nature. They are lovelier than I expected. They feel wonderful. They smell amazing. They are the right level of scrunchy and solid, giving them the magnificent unexplainable handbag holding thing only accessory whores fully understand. I am blissful. Shall we have an introduction to the new beauties?

By the way, naming opportunities are available for all. If you see a doll to whom you feel a kinship, paired with a need to make an investment, you can give her a lifelong name. You met Francie, named for one family’s fashionista grandmother. Update–Francie went to her family this week. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Grandma sees her. Here’s a toast to her grasping her pearls and needing to fan her face a bit when she takes in her namesake.

Shall we embark on a handbag tour mes amis?


First Up: The Black Bucket. She is classy, confident and sure of her lines, contours and personality. Her bold golden accents, both the trademarked Amour/PDC charms and the remarkable PDC logo are emblazoned across her front. Her zipper rides from side to side making lots of room for searching. Two open pockets and one zipped inside complete the hidden pouches. Her leather is top grade, bumpy textured and just a bit flexy, making her a must have as a wardrobe accoutrement. She is perfect for taking to work-large enough to house your iPad or small sketchbook but classy enough for a night on the town slung in the crook of your arm giving others the opportunity to say, “Where did you get that bag?” She’s available for Christmas delivery dolls. P.S. She also sports a detachable shoulder strap.


Next in line is the Distressed Bomber. Her daring fits your wild side riding on the back of a bike gripping the waist of that young, muscle clad stud you can’t resist though you know better. He’s bad for you doll. But we get it. The distressed brown leather harkens back to the best bomber jackets only oh-so-hottie boys sport. It’s modeled after The Norwegian’s jacket that Oldest Chicken wears now, breaking my heart and making me smile all at once. Smells divine, feels luxurious. Solid handles make her an easy carry and she is surprisingly sturdy. She appeals to the fancy free, come hither side only those closest to you know. Of course, she can go to work. That’s easy. But she can also hit the clubs paired with a fuck me pump and your attitude, dirty martini in one hand, smoky eye observing the offerings around the bar. She is festooned with the trademark charms, PDC logo, hidden pouches and the autograph plate, signed by moi and drummer boy extraordinaire.


Houndstooth Cutie makes her way down the runway flaunting the “it girl” fabric of the season. Ha-ha. Those in Roll Tide circles long ago recognized the versatility of this print and its flirty playfulness. Her chain and leather grip handle signal her sense of fun and her shape is small enough to be carried as a classic clutch. She is a don’t miss addition to any fashionista collection. Her flower on front stands in the way of charms but she proudly boasts the PDC logo flashing style points as she flaunts.


Nautical love anyone? This cream and navy stunner is a fashion forward barrel with hefty charms and PDC logo. Girlfriend, did you just return from the Hamptons? Why yes I did! Where are you off to next? I do believe I’ll spend the holidays in Paris. Le sigh. She’s big enough to carry your treasures but small enough to tag along on your adventures. A classic with an update–just what any girl of a certain age requires for relevance non?

Best of all–the Amour bags feature their animal print trademark interior giving you a slice of wild girl with each opening. Francie, the Bomber and Black Bucket are a sure bet to arrive before the holidays. The Houndstooth, already a sellout, has the manufacturer scrambling for additional fabric but they assure me she arrives in all her glory soon. The navy and cream preppster is on back order but if requested early enough, call me now, she can arrive in time for a seat under the tree.

Of course, dolls, one word whispered in my ear, will get you all the little darlings you want to join you for holiday merry making. Need a gentle nudge sent to your beloved? Let me know. I am never above a little feminine trickery to fulfill your wishes! Picture me, index finger to my ear, pinky to my mouth, silently signaling you from across the room. Yes, I’m saying, Call me!


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