Hiatus, Schmiatus…

It’s called hiatus and it’s supposed to make you feel better, take a step back, reexamine your priorities, and probably even some more hocus pocus. Mine turned into almost nine months of not writing, not tending to my extracurriculars, and basically just working and tending to the needs of my job. The result? Hiatus, Schmiatus.

I don’t know how people live without their “extras,” whatever they may be. A friend knits coats and hats for her cat. I haven’t ordered any, but envy her dedication to creating something that means something to her. And her cat. Another turned her passion for animals into a rescue. Yet, another is currently traveling about the world with the love of her life. Jealous much? And some girls need a creative outlet where they rail against the world and its foibles and in the end laugh. At everyone. Especially those with bad shoes.

“Are you not writing anymore?” comments came into the Duchess portal.

“I’m just taking some time off. I’ll be back,” replied I.

“I need to hear about your adventures,” cried another.

And my brain said, “Have there been any?” That’s what neglecting the Duchess Dolls did to this girl. Somewhere in hiatus, I forgot that my silly adventures, twisted look at life, and snarky view of the world can be fodder for feeling better, for all of us Dolls, this one included. Laughing, at ourselves, and those with bad shoes is healing. Don’t shake your head–you know it’s true.

Adventures? Girlfriends–how about two grandchildren–I know how on earth did we get old enough to have grandchildren? A trip across the pond. A young man in Italy. Ooh la la–sorry, gals, it was just a conversation. Don’t worry, I’ll spill.

So, shall we get reacquainted my loves?


2 thoughts on “Hiatus, Schmiatus…”

  1. Things are just as boring in the Athens of the South and Home of Country Music. Tourists roam the downtown streets, but locals are beginning to roam around again. So glad to see that you are ready to resume your adventures as you keep us “in the know” in more ways than one. I am trying to determine where the fountain is located behind you? It looks familiar Paris perhaps – certainly hope so, know it was fun with you being there.


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