Seems the virus has brought out the creative in us. Social media is ablaze with accomplishment, from jigsaw puzzles to flower arranging to mask production. Cheers to those creating new vodka drinks. You have fans.

Some things we’re not seeing so much? Your real hair color, that your husband is the light of your life and your nails. You won’t see mine either. The ones at the end of my fingers belong to a five-year-old hangnail puller. I forgot the reason I got nails thirty years ago was because I pick, pick, pick. When they’re bright and shiny, I keep my mitts to myself. Coronavirus–not so much.

There are some Coron-Activities that are a mystery. I now know how to power wash just about anything and am being urged to bake bread.

I’ve baked bread–all bread lovers have. Truth–there’s nothing more delicious than piping hot Pain Francais/baguette/plain old white loaf straight from the oven. Also true? It’s no easy feat. And you need lots of time. As in, you knead lots of time. In the halcyon days of children at school all day and no tennis, bread baking was not uncommon. Keep in mind, however, this girl played a lot of tennis.

But now, many who are off work are not working at home. They’re off off. Their plight makes the heart race faster with worry for them. But the fact that they’re filling their days, and gullets, with hot bread makes me a bit jealous. So, in my virtual Amazon cart I add yeast. Yeast goes bad so it’s not generally a staple of working girls. Amazon notes…no yeast. Same goes for Fry’s, Safeway and Walmart. The Dale is out of yeast. Supposedly there’s such thing as no yeast rolls but bread without yeast strikes this girl akin to dresses without heels, chignon minus pearls or lipstick without mascara.

I know not how long I’ll have to wait for yeast to arrive on the shores of The Dale. But, as in all things, tell me I can’t have it and the yearning for freshly baked baguettes, petit pain, challah, and pretzel bites becomes unbearable. The general thought being, as long as my ass is widening on the daily, why not give it what it really craves, non?

Currently chicken and dumplings is bubbling on the stove, dumplings making due in a pinch. Adding the chicken, I think, is this necessary? I’m really just after the dough. Protein, protein, doll. Keep up your strength for bread kneading. You’ll need the muscle. Finally something for the arm flap to do besides wave at passersby.

As for all the guys power washing driveways, decks and patios? It must be the Coronavirus version of driving a stick or revving a ginormous motorcycle. All that power and no where to go. Here, dahling, have a dumpling.


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