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Everything Old Is New…And Cute

A delicious white fur stole with rhinestone brooch will grace my shoulders next month at the wedding of Oldest Chicken. No, it’s not real fur; I’m not a barbarian. Pfft. It’s a throwback to the glamour days when ladies made an entrance, sipped champagne from coupes and added stems to their cigarettes. Aside from the cig, color this girl all in.

Discussion with the dolls ensues over “old” versus “new,” whether updated is recycled and how it is those designers are working in secret yet send the same colors to the runway each season? Could it be there are no new ideas, just regurgitations of old, sometimes with a twist?

Do we really need a primer on what looks good and stands the test of time? Evidently so. Witness the fashion parade in Walmart, muffin tops and anyone still wearing panty hose. You know who you are.

While we’re at it–some older fashioned things–not just clothes–should come full circle. Boys should ask girls for their numbers and call to chat. Not text, but call. If you can’t talk to that special someone, life together is gonna be pretty long non? Not sure the source but that’s been bothering me for a bit. While you’re at it, argue over who hangs up first. Watch what happens. Trust me.

Back to fur. While mine will keep oh-so-delicate shoulders toasty in the mean Seattle winds of November, it will also emphasize the tiny waist created by a sparkly belt trimming the waist of a simple black trumpet gown.

Seattle bags may, in fact, be stuffed with throwbacks. Circle skirts, wide legged trousers, sheaths and cardigans. Throw in some big glass earrings, a pearl sweater guard and a loosely wound chignon and one might be mistaken for the reincarnation of Kate Spade. Where’s my hanky?

On the hunt for a circle skirt, shopping at its best. Two reasons to squee: cinch the waist tight and become as tiny as you want all your friends to think you are paired with the perfect length for your particular gam. The skirt is known to be just right for any shoe, be it heel or kitten. Flat, if you’re into that sort of thing. As long as we’re tossing backward, if you must flatten, might you consider a two-tone saddle shoe? They’ll know you’re representing fashion and not giving up.

If it’s chilly, pull on a wide legged trouser, cuffed or not–up to you. Basic menswear. Here, you have a better chance getting away with a flat. Make it a brogue and kill it on the mean fashion streets. Fashion prognosticators are talking menswear for 2020. Silly, silly predictors, wide legs and deep pockets will never make an exit. Too many of us adore Katharine Hepburn and experience the power of a trouser and a raised eyebrow.

You already know the world domination that comes with a curve hugging sheath dress. Paired with pointy toe pumps, no platform thank sweet baby Jesus, and the boardroom/presentation/campaign is yours. So is the man of your dreams at happy hour.

As for me–the travel case will be filled to bursting next month. Seattle will change it’s mind after the Yayas hit the streets. One Seattle fashion blogger described their style as, “Hey, I don’t have to follow fashion rules.” I suppose not, Seattle dolls, but unless your rain boots are Wellies and you stop wearing corduroy, my lips will automatically purse as you walk by.


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