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Time For A Beach Read…

Isn’t it time for a beach read? I know–there was no book last month. I could say I didn’t read. Truth is, I struggled for five weeks to get through that plodding mess about a wedding. A writer with a heart, I won’t go after the book. Just advice on the side: if you must read the one about the wedding, check it out of the library.

This month, however, we’re back to juicy, yummy, can’t put down fare. And, again, we are so proud of our girl, Sandie Jones, it’s her debut novel. Sounds like we know her. We don’t. We just have a thing for girls who get their work into book form. Her next one is on shelves soon. Don’t you just love when someone’s dreams skyrocket?

The book, the book, you say. The Other Woman. And, no, it’s not the woman you think. It’s the mother-in-law. But it’s not the story you think. Well, it is. But it’s a twisty, turny psychological thriller that will have you furiously flipping pages forgetting to shower or put makeup on. Don’t worry dolls, you’ll read it in a day and feel delicious.

Emily, our heroine, is all of us–if we were still twenty seven and unmarried. Imagination can take you there. Mostly because we can’t forget meeting our mothers-in-law, finding she isn’t the sweetheart your beloved described and assessing whether you love him enough to live with her. Everyday problems.

Until she kills someone, sends her other son to seduce you and cries cancer the night before your wedding. Reconsidering now? Still think you love him that much?

Jones told a reviewer, “Pammie is all your worst nightmares comes true. On the face of it, she is the typical matriarch of the family, seemingly holding everything together with good humor and grace. But behind-the-scenes, she is anything but, and it’s Emily who bears the brunt of her wicked ways and viciousness. There is NOTHING she wouldn’t do to get Emily out of her son’s life.” Scared yet? You should be.

Just when you think you’ve got this thriller figured out, take a left, girlfriend. Now take another for good measure. For a first timer, Jones has got dialogue down pat. Must be all those years as a journalist.

As for developing Pammie, the mother-in-law, “The idea came about as a result of talking to friends and acquaintances who all seemed to have a mother-in-law story to tell! But I was imagining a more humorous take on it, perhaps a comedy or light-hearted chick lit novel. But the more I wrote about Pammie, the more sinister she became and once I started, I couldn’t stop!”

And stop she didn’t. And neither does Pammie.

The book is everywhere. Snatch up yours and brew some tea.


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