Does It Reflect You?…

One of the Dolls passing through comments on my little home office. “Ooh is this where the magic happens?” We laugh, but later I consider, what does a Duchess Doll need in her work area? Mine, where my brain comes to explode, is of a personal nature.

For instance, always in my sight line is a football autographed by Joe Namath. To my right is a Bama hat, also signed (wth my name) by the football legend. He is, after all, my second husband. No, he does not know. But I figure if I keep him close, when we meet he’ll somehow know he’s been waiting for me.

Along with memorabilia of my football star husband are photos of the chickens including some adopted ones collected along the way. Interspersed with them are tea cups, a tea pot laced with a deep burgundy tassel, monogrammed tea napkins, a bunch of pearls woven about and my Granna’s desk.

The desk is not really a style and certainly not the Country French of my preference. It does, however, tell the story of my Granna. When she passed and the desk made its’ way to me, I found treasure. Tiny notebooks documented her world travels. There was a love letter from a man not amongst her four husbands. There were photos, old Christmas cards and a 1950’s eyeglass repair kit I’ve since used many times. I also have her keys to nothing, a protractor and a few grocery lists written in her elegant hand.

The office of my dreams is a book-littered, light-filled escape where words develop of their own accord, leaping from the page. What about yours? Do you have the essentials?

Start with a full size Kate Spade planner–the old fashioned kind that you write in. With a pen. With blue ink. Black ink is sad. BTW–get a good pen. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to glide across the page. It will change your life. As for the planner, our Kate, rest her soul, knew how to organize. There are pages for jotting notes, remembering when to have champagne and date boxes big enough to actually write like a human. Have you surrounded yourself with things you love? Inspiration doesn’t generally smack us upside the head. We have to be open to it. Why not give it easy access?

Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg says, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Nothing shows your affection more than the beauty you create.

You know your style. And if you don’t, get on that tout de suite. A black and white melding? Pink makes your heart race? It truly is a room of one’s own. One doll has a pen with a plume; another a stuffed bear from childhood. I have a velvet pencil from Kensington Palace with a crown where the eraser should be. It reminds me of the job I’m supposed to have.

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