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Get Your Car, Coffee and a Comedian…

Latest obsession: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Haven’t seen it? It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix offering where he grabs a car and a comedian and they go for coffee. Who doesn’t love cars and coffee?

These aren’t ordinary cars. Amongst the fare is a ’77 VW Camper Bus, a ’69 Jaguar XKE, a ’58 Cadillac Eldorado, a ’73 Porsche Carrera and a ’57 Chevy Bel Air. No kidding. Cool cars. He pairs the car choices with comedians. They travel about, talk about the car and then go have coffee somewhere. Heavenly, non? We get insight into the people behind the comedy masks and details on some spiffy cars. Perfect way to while away an afternoon.

Makes one think. Could we do the same with our fave car dealer, Big Al Heggs? Could we match his summer offerings with some comedy celebs?

We checked his summer specials and came up with a list.

Both the 2018 and 2019 Grand Cherokee Laredo are ready to go. With their upgraded fancy pants interior that includes voice command, heated exterior mirrors, new Uconnect 4 system with a seven-inch touchscreen, it seems a perfect everyday mobile for John Mulvaney. Mulvaney seems like the type who is neither too high brow for a Jeep nor too outdoorsy for a real off road vehicle. Even though he’s got no kids, his dad vibe is strong and a trail rated luxury SUV might be just the ticket.

Ali Wong, comedy badgirl and the girl every chick wants to hang with just for one night even though we’re not cool enough to do so, is gonna have to drive the Pacifica Hybrid. It’s not that she cares about the environment, it’s that she’s had two kids in as many years and needs space for more than one carseat. Bummer. She won’t be happy but the Pacifica makes the plunge into minivan less soul stealing. She can get leather, power sliding doors and lift gate and a Uconnect theater to keep all the little ones amused while she yells at other drivers. And you know she does.

The Chrysler 300 is a manly offering. But what man? A man whose grumpy and grouchy and loves to grouse? Yes, that man–Lewis Black. He’ll have enough room to spread out and yell opinions at passersby but enough luxury to make him feel good without being too showy. The 300’s extroverted just like Lewis and both could be mistaken for old school cool. And the Apple CarPlay system will help him ease into technology. Or complain about it.

The Charger SXT is that car the cool boys loved. Jim Jeffries says he wasn’t one of those boys, but on the inside you know he was. It’s got a rough side and it makes a lot of noise. Just like our Jim. It can’t be too pristine, though. It would have to be a little beat up, worn in, comfortable. Perhaps the 707 HP Supercharge package or the HEMI SRT Hellcat would suit.

See your own personality? Shouldn’t your car say something about who you are? Give Big All a call and let him help with the summer clearance sale. Check out the online inventory here or give them a call at 480-565-5627. Tell them you’re a Duchess Doll and watch that price go down.

Oh, and they have coffee.


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