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There’s A New Social In Town…

Word has it there’s a new social event in town. You know The Dolls like to see and be seen. This one sounds as if it’s right in a duchess’ wheelhouse.

Think modern renaissance. Think arts joining together in a celebration of imagination, technology and eye feast all mushed together. Organizers tell this girl The Smartphone Film Fest is on its way. Interesting, non?

Behind the scenes meet and greet with the organizers paints a picture resembling a moveable circus for the artistic crowd.

Here’s what they’re planning:

Various age groups create films on their Smartphones. All films must be original and created entirely on the creator’s phone. Collaboration is okay. There are genres like horror, comedy, drama, animation and the like. Here’s the catch. There’s a time limit—like two minutes and under. It’s a way to search out local talent while celebrating a new film medium and honor all local arts under one roof so to speak.

Of course, they’ll be judges and the stuff of film fests. The key is in the creation of as many little short films as possible—recognizing that talent and creativity are in the hands of everyone. It’s a collection of ages, tastes, styles and media blended together for a newfangled celebration of tech and arts.

Walk through a semi-darkened venue, cocktail in hand, sumptuous small plates at the ready, surrounded by screens at every angle; benches to watch and re-watch the fare are placed about. A casual fashion show weaves its models in and around the crowd. A large stage flanks one wall featuring music, speakers and perhaps a little poetry or writing. Sounds like an old fashioned French Salon on steroids.

Want to film your latest fashion creations? How about your novel idea come to life? Interested in making a point, telling a story or motivating change? Share your humor, your invention, your zombies and your hidden talents. Here’s your chance to do it on film, in front of an audience and exposure.

Right now they’re in the planning stages. They’re looking for vendors, small businesses in search of creative marketing opportunities, nonprofit beneficiaries, title sponsors—can you say iphone, TMobile, Verizon, Samsung—Hello.

The big search is the one for talent. Age groups cover filmmakers from 18 and up in all walks of genre. Perhaps you know a budding Spielberg? Perhaps one lives with you? A smartphone and entry fee is all it takes.

What can you do now; aside from plan your outfit? Elbow length gloves may be in order for this one. Organizers want your feedback. I know—the Dolls have become influencers. What do you think? Would you attend? Sounds fun? Would you, or someone you know, enter the film fray? How much would you pay to attend? To enter? Comment early and often. It’s only good manners—someone’s actually asked for our opinions this time!

Seems the social scene may have one more sparkler to add to the collection. And this one might actually be interesting. Can you say feed the soul?


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