Half Way Sale…

It’s that time of the year. Part way through and some of our favorite cars go on sale. Lucky for Jeep lovers, this time of year includes an average of $8000 off the Grand Cherokee Laredo and Limited. Aficionados are debating at their desks–Do I trade?

Unlike some off road SUVs that can be stingy on both looks and luxury, the Grand Cherokee heaped on both for 2018. Edmunds says, “Depending on how you equip yours, it can be well-rounded and luxurious, an off road specialist or a hot-rod SUV.” Hot rod SUV–hmmm.

As a midsize, it’s neither too big nor too small. It can handle both the kids and date night or a weekend in Sedona. With its four wheel drive systems, skid plates and changing drive modes for differing surfaces, it can handle more rough road than most SUVs claiming off road ability. It boasts a standard V6, but there’s also three V8 options, including a 475 hp V8 on the SRT and an unheard of 707 hp on the model known as Trackhawk.

Surprisingly, for an SUV of this power, it’s pretty good at sound deadening. Seats are comfy and heating and cooling can keep your backside toasty or cool. It’s a master at shimmying through tough terrain. And dual front pane glass makes for no wind whistle on the highway. Buttons and knobs are big and easy to control. The Infotainment center is clear and easy to navigate. Step in height is a little high if you’re wearing a dress but once inside, the cabin’s prettier than most.

Your smartphone is easy peasey to set up. There’s also blind spot monitoring and collision integration with warning sounds. As for towing, it is a workhorse. The V8 and 4 wheel drive can pull 7,200 pounds while the two wheel drive and V6 come up at about 6,000. Not bad for a crossover SUV.

We checked with our best guy, Big Al Heggs, of Heggs Auto fame and he tells us there’s 344 Jeeps in stock on the new lot and 52 of them are Grand Cherokees. He can also work his magic to get you one that’s not on the lot. Lucky us, it’s one of the only all Jeep spots in town. You can take a look at in stock inventory here. Or give them a call 844-533-7494.

Tell them The Duchess sent you and watch the discounts get even deeper. No lie. And, of course, there’s that Warranty Forever and oil changes until you die. Really.


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