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Rhymes With Whatever…

File under stuff that induces eyebrow raising–a show called Slutever. Whaaa? Yup, it’s called Slutever. Rhymes with whatever.

Host Karley Sciortino, of Vogue, brings her personality to the screen. Most know her as the magazine’s sex columnist, self-titled slut sexual and trier of all things. Oh–and the girl is funny. Think Carrie Bradshaw who doesn’t think she’s quite so cute, less emphasis on shoes and more on the twisty turns of sexuality. The only shoes on this show are pretty heinous. Just sayin’.

Sciortino takes a camera crew, and her willing-to-try-anything self, out to find all the sexuality. My first thought, “Is this more of those people who pretend to be horses?” Remember them on HBO a while back? Someone get me my fan.

This is serious sex stuff. With humor. Kind of an, “every kind of sexuality can be interesting vibe.” Interviews, demos and her own personal tries make the oddest things understandable. It’s a sex documentary answering questions you didn’t know you were asking. Not that I’ll ever do the nasty with a tree, my mouth filled with dirt, but now I understand that’s a thing. Kinda.

Need examples? “Where can a woman get a happy ending?” No, not the white knight kind but the kind men have had access to for, well, ever. How is it women can’t pay for an orgasm on the fly? We meet a gigolo to explain his view and show off his charms. There are therapists who work on such things but it’s therapeutic and not of the, “I have a busy life–all I want is the orgasm” way. Eyebrow raise. Followed by, “Who Knew?”

There are lifestyle slaves. They do your wash, clean your house, feed you and rub your feet because it’s what turns them on. Really. And spanking. Lots of spanking. Can I get one without all the spanking? There’s luxury sex. People pay a fortune for toys. Gold vibrators and tens of thousands dollar pleasure boxes. Stoned sex. Kinky travel and a group of men who feel inadequate in bed. And talk about it.

It’s everything the reporter saw but didn’t report. It ends up neither lurid nor pandering. It’s a true life peek behind the curtain with the host’s acerbic wit thrown in for good measure. A primer for the oddities as it were. Weird premise. Most interesting.

There’s a deep dive into robot sex and the ultimate question of whether a real live girl could be replaced. Not in plastic but in near human form. Of course, the prototype is the stuff of teenage boys dreams, complete with Marilyn voice.

The finale, next up, is Monster Sex. I know. Are we talking Beast, of Beauty fame, or are we talking full on Zombie? Keep you posted.


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